Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 3

She looks down and notices that her legs are all bleeding and when she looks up to prepare herself for the shadow, she cannot almost cannot hold the screaming inside anymore as there are now two shadows and they are were close to her. “Please god, help me” she finally screams and the sky turns light and a sword appears not far from her. “Thank you, thank you” she repeats as she tries to crawl to the sword but the shadows have seen it too and starts splitting up before moving faster. Ling Chang feels the hands of a geriatric and when she watch, the shadow has turned into the old man form previously and he tries to reach her injuries. She tries to remove focus from the pain and try to kick after the old man but every time she hit him, the voices from before reappears, making it hard to keep the pain out. She looks forward and noticed the other shadow has turned into an old lady and what worse is that she is almost reaching the sword. Ling Chang looks up into the sky while her mind is going crazy by the voices and the pain before she takes some deep breaths. In the next, she stands up with a quick movement and runs against the sword to be able to defend herself. The first few steps are good but at the edge of her left eye she watches a third shadow appear and as she tries to speed up, it feels like the time is stopping instead. The third shadow reaches the sword before her and the pain gets unbearable for Ling Chang so she falls to the ground, giving up. “I GIVE UP” She yells loudly as the old man starts touching her legs and lower, making the voices return while the old woman starts playing her upper body making even more voices appears so Ling Chang closes her eyes. She feels the hands touching and playing every part of her body while the voices grows wilder and higher. “I AM READY TO DIE” She yells with her last strength and almost does not notice when a known voice between the other voices yells “WHY”. She opens her eyes a last time to figure out if she were dreaming before she had a chance to look around she and suddenly hears a scream “Arhhhhhh.. Stay away”, which drowns all the other voices. The last shadow has turned into Jun Chen who starts fighting the two other shadows with the sword, she had tried to reach not long ago.

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