Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 4

The joy of seeing Jun Chen again made her heart beat faster and the voices started to disappear and soon they were gone, giving her a chance to fight back against the old people. A scream was heard and it was not inside her head, making Ling Chang smile for the first time since she started dreaming and soon it was just her and Jun Chen while the two old people lied death on the grass which slowly turned into snow once more. “Are you sure we did the right thing?” Ling Chang asked Jun Chen when she finally reached him. “What do you mean?” He asked while looking weird at her. “I mean they were the ones controlling this world and now it is slowly turning into a cold hell, once more” Ling Chang replied and she could see instantly that Jun Chen didn’t know about the snow. “What snow? I killed them because they kept hurting you with those voices and who knows what they would have done if they had reached the sword before I did… Sorry if I have doomed us” Ling Chang was glad to be save so she just smiled some more and replied “I do not mind the snow as long you are here, even I have no idea where, here is” and Jun Chen just nodded. The snow came closer and closer and Ling Chang moved closer to Jun Chen in attempt to keep the warmth between them but suddenly a water dragon sculpture landing between them just as the first snow flake hit Ling Chang and the entire world changed. in the next they were underwater, doing a major storm. “Jun Chen?” Ling Chang yelled as she finally reached the surface but not reply and the storm was getting wilder and wilder. Suddenly she felt something at her legs and she tried to scream as she was scared it were the old people from earlier or something similar but it was something else that broke the surface. Jun Chen  tried to take some deep breaths but Ling Chang was completed be beside herself and started screaming and hit him until he finally managed to speak “Stop, stop it is me, Jun Chen… Calm down” Ling Chang stopped felt her face turning red as she were blushing.

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