Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 5

“Sorry… I thought you was those old people who had returned” Ling Chang managed to say before Jun Chen broke in. “We have to go there” He said with glazing eyes and Ling Chang turned around in silence and watched a red object in the horizon. “I agree” She managed to say after observing the place in silence before continuing “Lets go now before our energy runs out” and Jun Chen just nodded as they started swimming against it. The object was  much closer than they expected once they had started swimming, and it was a flying sculpture of fire dragon. “What do you think we need to do?” Ling Chang asked as they came close to it and Jun Chen almost yelled in reply “I do not know but we better think quick as it is getting smaller” and to Ling Chang’s fear he was right but what was the plan with it. “Think, think, think” Jun Chen started which prompted made Ling Chang reply annoyed “That is not helping at all” and they thought on in silence while the sculpture got smaller and smaller until Ling Chang suddenly got an idea and asked straight. “Do you trust me?” Her voice was far from calm and the sculpture was almost gone now. Jun Chen looked at her like he was about to argue with her but instead his voice reveal only a single word. “Yes” and before any of them could say anything against the plan, was Ling Chang taking a grip in Jun Chen before placing her hand around the sculpture and before she felt any pain, they were suddenly in a world of fire. Ling Chang did not need many seconds to see that they were safe for now and to think before she yelled “Look for a sculpture of something like the fire, it is our only way out” and they looked around while the sweat started to run down their faces like tears. Ling Chang was the first to notice the ball of metal flying above their heads and she knew they had no chance of touching it together like last time. “There it is” she said and pointed in the air but before she could argue about the placement was Jun Chen already lifting her. “I do not know the way out, but I know I love you so save yourself” Jun Chen said and then he threw Ling Chang against the ball of metal who with tears in her eyes had no time to reply.

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