Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 6

She flew closer and closer to it and in the last second she tried to look happy at Jun Chen who stood at the ground in the pose he just had thrown her, having no chance to return her sight. In the next Ling Chang touched the ball and fell to the ground. She quickly stood up as she had finally understood the game and she wanted to yell but a pair of hands hell around her and turned around. It was Jun Chen who had managed to pass the gate too even without touching the ball and Ling Chang’s tears of sadness before the throw had turned into happy tears but the time to kiss was short and Ling Chang said with focused voice. “We have to find two, maybe three dragon sculptures of the elements before we are free and after my mind the next one is nature so look out for something not fitting this metal hell” Jun Chen just nodded before his eyes turned wild and this time he was the one that caught the sculpture and before Ling Chang could say anything they were transported to a world of nature. “What next?” Jun Chen asked impatient which made Ling Chang smile as she reply “Earth” just as a bird flew though the air with the sculpture in its mouth and in the last second, she managed to touch it, transporting them inside a cave. Water was heard and they started laughing of joy. “We are home” they yelled in mouth of each other and started to walk against the sound of water when a female voice suddenly rumbled above them. “Did you really think it would be that easy, do you really think you are safe” The voice ruined every joy that Jun Chen and Ling Chang had, but Jun Chen was having nothing of it and yelled back quickly “Show yourself instead of hide like a chicken” even he could see the fear inside Ling Chang’s eyes. “I am not here, I am in the last world… but you won’t get there as the last sculpture in almost gone already” the voice continued before laughing of joy. They looked around but nothing even looked like a sculpture and Jun Chen yelled again “Chicken” in an attempt to make the voice help them and suddenly portal opened in front of them. “Go through or stay I do not care at all, but I am not some toy you play with as a child” the voice reappeared. Jun Chen looked at Ling Chang who looked back at him before they together walk inside the portal hand in hand.

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