Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 7

Ling Chang fears what is going to happen as the plants on the ground is all death. The sky is dark except for the lightnings crossing it and the sound of thunder is the only sound heard. “Where are we?” Jun Chen ask Ling Chang trying to sound brave and Ling Chang just looks at him before shaking her head without answering with words. Suddenly the voice appears again “You are in my world, just as I wanted you to be” Ling Chang and Jun Chen looks around as it is impossible to locate where it comes from while Jun Chen tries to stay brave by yelling “We did nothing, you were the chicken in this” and barely the words have left his mouth before the voice replies “Keep telling yourself lies, maybe they come true” and this time Ling Chang replies “We are neither lying or afraid of you” a lightning crosses the sky and divides into many smaller ones before a big  clatter almost exploded above them and before they could focus themselves again, the voice appeared again “Maybe, maybe night but only one of you will escape with their life” and form behind a big death tree a older woman appeared. Jun Chen pulled his sword and yelled “Who are you? And if you wanna live, you sends us home now” which made the woman laugh before replying cold. “It is not important who I am as I am a nobody and sending you home was an option I would have done it myself long ago” and the woman walked closer not minding the pull sword the slightest.Before Ling Chang could say anything, pushed Jun Chen her back and pushed himself forward with the sword raise high. “Send us home, or you will be the one losing your life” Jun Chen yelled and the woman just laughed louder while a smaller lightning flew above them. Jun Chen started to run against the woman while he yelled “Let me show you, what I can do with a sword” Ling Chang followed him with her eyes and an open mouth before it got even wider. As out of the air a sword appeared in the woman’s hand and she blocked the attack of Jun Chen like he had just poked her with a tiny stick. “You foul, Jun Chen, I said only one of you will survive this” the woman’s voice was still cold as ice and Ling Chang could feel tears starting to run down her checks. “Please don’t hurt him” Ling Chang yelled which made the woman focus on her before replying laughing “Of course, my dear, I won’t but you will instead” and suddenly Jun Chen turned around and his eyes was black as the sky while the sword the woman had held was in Ling Chang’s hands. “Kill her” the woman yelled and Jun Chen started to walk against the crying Ling Chang while replying “Yes, master” Ling Chang tried to stop crying but the feeling of maybe having to attack Jun Chen penetrated her soul and she did not have a single idea of what to do other than speak him out of it. “Please stop, Jun Chen, Please” and for a moment the darkness in his eyes vanished and he stood confused while rambling “Ling Chang?” But before Ling Chang could do anything he was back in his darkness and charged against her once more. The woman laughed behind him “You never get him turned long enough for him to remember you, but I promise you ion he kills you I won’t let him forget it again, my child” and continued watching with joy. Ling Chang could feel the rage grow inside her and just as Jun Chen was about to strike her down, she managed to remove her tears before blocking the strike just as easy as the woman did before. “Are you going to fight him, my child” The woman said while trying to hide her surprise and Ling Chang looked straight into her eyes, not focusing on Jun Chen and replied cold “Yes, if I most” and soon the fight was on like they had been enemies their entire lives.