Chapter 9 – Nightmares – Part 8

This was just what Ling Chang had been waiting for and even that the kick had knocked out much of her air, she had enough to get up fast and even the woman was looked surprised. Ling Chang used the distance between her and Jun Chen to attack the woman but just as the sword was about to penetrate the woman’s belly, the surprise face turned into a laughing face. Ling Chang did not understand at first but suddenly she felt something inside her body and she flew though the air once more. “Did you really think that I did not think of that?” The woman yelled from the now other side and Jun Chen was almost within reach to attack her with his already raised sword. Ling Chang closed her eyes as her own sword was out of reach. “Stop” the woman yelled and Jun Chen opened her eyes and watched as the sword stopped half way even that Jun Chen was still trying to force it down. “I said stop” the woman yelled as the sword moved a bit closer but Ling Chang knew that it were her only chance and with tears in her eyes she moved away form the strike and ran to get her sword before returning to the fight. Things happened quickly so with closed eyes and tears running fast, Ling Chang penetrated Jun Chen’s belly. Jun Chen’s eyes turned normal even without any words could Ling Chang feel the why yelling and as he closed his eyes she pulled the sword out and held around him while screaming of pain while the woman laughing behind her. “You are just as weak as I expected” the woman said but Ling Chang did not listen as her rage has taken over her body and in the next she were hammering both swords against force field making the woman just laugh even more. “That is more like it, but far from enough, my child” The woman said, making Ling Chang yell back “Stop calling me, a child as first of all I am no child and second of all I am not yours”

Jun Chen opened his eyes and grasping for air as his hands tries remove the sword in his chest. He starts getting desperate when he cannot find before he suddenly notice it is not there and he is back inside the cave behind the waterfall. His mind is confused at first as the last he remember is him charging the woman after she tells them that only one of the will leave the place alive and suddenly he knows that Ling Chang is in grave danger as the woman has tricked them once more. “What to do” He yells of himself while pulling himself in the hair as he knows he don’t have time to get Hui Wen to help Ling Chang. “What else” He yells of himself again. “I wish you was here Ling Chang as you would know how to save me if I was in trouble” he yells when suddenly he notices that Ling Chang breath is slowly fading, making him instantly start shaking her body and yelling of her instead. “Wake up now, please” he starts repeating over and over again while shaking harder and faster. Tears starts running down his check as he fears it is the last time, they will have together and it was his fault for challenging the woman. He stops for to catch his breath but the sight of Ling Chang’s breath almost gone, makes him suddenly have an idea. He takes his sword forward before playing Ling Chang’s hair a last time and whispers “Sorry… you know I would never hurt you…”

Back inside the nightmare are Ling Chang crying both of pain from her injuries and of killing Jun Chen while the woman is just laughing madly. “You are mine” the woman finally replies which makes Ling Chang silence for a moment and look at her with confused eyes “What do you mean?, I killed him as you said that only one of us would leave us this place alive” Ling Chang says with a broke and almost dead voice. The woman laughs once more before reply as cold as always. “Who said that the alive one, cannot be the death one” and Ling Chang can feel the rage grow inside her once more and in the next she is charging against the woman just as Jun Chen did before their fight but nothing matters anymore. “I will kill you for this” Ling Chang yells as she strikes but the woman just laughs “You really have no idea of who I am or what powers I have, my child?” And instead of making Ling Chang a zombie like Jun Chen before she stops Ling Chang in the air before spread her arms, making the swords flew out of Ling Chang’s hands and into the big death tree. The woman starts laughing once more and Ling Chang feel a pain in her left wrist which she thinks is from the removal of the sword but the woman suddenly turns her laughing into yelling and screaming. “No, she is… is… is mine” and a grey frog cloud appears behind her and starts eating up the world before suddenly Ling Chang wakes up screaming.

“on purpose” Jun Chen finish his set sentence before handing Ling Chang’s sudden screaming. “It is alright, you are safe” Jun Chen continues and holds around her while tears continue to fall and join the waters around them. Ling Chang stops screaming as she finally noticed that she are back home and not inside the nightmare anymore. “How, How did you save me?” She stutter managed to say while tears starts to run down her check off joy to be free and safe once more. Jun Chen tries to explain but the rambling and sounds makes no sense to Ling Chang. Jun Chen close his mouth again before drying his eyes and hold up her now bandaged wrist in silence before he opens his mouth once more “Sorry, sorry, sorry… I was losing you and I promise you that no one including me and I mean no one will every hurt you again… But it was the only way of saving you. Sorry, sorry, sorry” his voice is understandable and a bit low and Ling Chang do not know how to react at first but her tears stops first and before she knows it, they are kissing like never before. “I love you” Ling Chang manages to say and Jun Chen looks at her before replying “I love you, more than life itself” and then they kiss once more. As they stop, is Jun Chen looking down in the water and with a serious voice he says “I am really sorry for hurting you but I did not know what else to do to wake you up” Ling Chang looks at him but don’t know what to say to him and instead ask a question from her mind. “Where do you think we were? And more importantly who do you think the woman was?” Jun Chen looks at her with serious eyes “I thought the nightmare was mine alone” and Ling Chang looks at him confused before replying “I knew it was a shared dream because why else would you have been there but back to my question who do you think it was?”  Ling Chang replied making Jun Chen just looking uncertain before replying “I am sure, it was just a nightmare as why else would we go there while we was asleep beside I do not remember much now either” Ling Chang wanted to ask new questions but they too had disappeared form her mind and instead her other senses got enhanced. “Something is burning” Ling Chang’s says while sniffs the air trying to figure out if it is coming from the outside or deeper inside the cave and Jun Chen smells it too. “Yes, I smell it too” he says surprised and stands up before helping Ling Chang standing too. Jun Chen bends down to take his sword before cleaning it, in the water to remove Ling Chang’s blood before they start walking outside. As they gets outside the air is full smoke and the sky is full of colours and Ling Chang looks at Jun Chen before asking “What have happened while I was gone?” And Jun Chen just kiss her before replying “Nothing much except me and Hui Wen spend a day searching for you in town as we expected you would be there somewhere and not going back to the palace” Ling Chang looks at him confused “Why would I go there? And why did you not search the cave as one of the first places” Which makes Jun Chen continue “We think you read some hidden letters Hui Wen have gotten doing the time we have been here about my father and I do not know, guess I was too focused on that Hui Wen had kept the news of my father being alive hidden for me, but enough talk we have to get back to him to figure out where all this smoke is coming from” Ling Chang just nodded and they started to run a bit fast against their home. They reach home and to their big surprise they find it burning “Hui Wen” Ling Chang yells loudly before Jun Chen does the same. Suddenly a man appears in front of the burning house and the  fire makes it impossible to see who it is so Jun Chen pulls his sword expecting the worst. The man walks slowly against them before the dry voice of Hui Wen finally reach their ears. “Put that sword away, it is me Hui Wen… All is good” which makes Ling Chang almost yell at him. “What do you mean, all is good when the house is on fire like most of the town” Her voice is far from calm but Hui Wen just continues gentle “Yes, but please don’t mind the flames… I know but I am glad that Jun Chen found you in once piece even that he did not tell me he was going out” Jun Chen looked directly at Ling Chang who felt the need to explain herself. “Yes, sorry I forgot the time so fell asleep near the waterfall as I was tried of hearing you two yelling of each other” Hui Wen smiled and replied “Better than you had travelled all the way to the emperor’s place all on your own… anyway Gang Chen is burning down the town this moment, I am not really sure why but I fear that either he has found out about us somehow or he is pissed at his brother as they were not very good friends as children, the few times I meet them before their father became mad” They looked at each other in silence while the flames continued to eat the house piece by piece. It felt a bit weird for them to watch their home burn like that even it was on purpose. Suddenly Ling Chang thought of their dream and even she could not remember much of it anymore, she decided to give it a try. “Hui Wen?” She asked gentle and he turned his face from the flames to watching her. “Do you believe dreams mean anything in the real world?” Ling Chang started, expected him to reply no so she did not have to answer him but to her surprise he just smiled and replied “Yes, I do but do not enjoy the place too much as some people thinks it is a portal to the void, why my child” the last words made it run cold down Ling Chang’s back but she did her best not to show and instead she answered “well, I was having this dream while I was asleep about me and Ling Chang fighting each other and something about some sculptures, but don’t remember much about it” Jun Chen turned his face against Ling Chang too and the flames revealed that he was worried for the answer that Hui Wen would give Ling Chang but Hui Wen just smiled and replied. “I am sorry, I do not think I can be of much help there but it sounds like a normal nightmare to me as they are often made of things we love the most… For example you have the sculpture that you pray to your family to and you have spent a lot of time together with Jun Chen so it all makes sense” Ling Chang smiled and before her eyes got wide and she replied “Thanks, what happened to my sculpture?” Making Hui Wen laugh a bit before replying “I knew you would ask about it any time soon” and then he pointed at the table they used to be eating their food at and there it stood. “I could not make myself burn it inside the house as I knew how important it was for you” Hui Wen continue and Ling Chang walked against it as she felt it was time to pray to her parents. She reach it before turning against Jun Chen and Hui Wen. “Will you pray with me, a last time before we save Jiang Chen?” The two men nodded at Ling Chang and they joined her next to the sculpture and they all three place a hand on the sculpture. “We are here together, joined by a bond and a force that gives us strength to fight against any enemies of the world. We ask for your blessing in our quest on saving those in need and bring the world back in peace” Hui Wen said while Ling Chang could feel the tears run down her cheeks. They each slowly removed their hands form the sculpture and Ling Chang could had sworn that the eyes were light up as a signal of their pray was heard. Ling Chang closed her eyes and opened them again to check again but instead of lighting up again the sculpture broke into pierces making her scream instead. “What happened” Ling Chang screamed while Jun Chen looked at her for injuries as she had been closet while Hui Wen calmly replied “The gods knows that we cannot take it with us so they have destroyed it to make sure that no one knows we have been here” but the reply did not please Ling Chang at all and still screaming she yelled “What about my nightmares?” Hui Wen walked over to her and held his hands over her eyes for a moment while whispered “Calm down my child, they will always hear you when you speak with your heart” Ling Chang felt her heart healing and the tears stopped too before she returned to calm self before the destruction. “Thanks” Ling Chang replied and Hui Wen just smiled before replying “We have to go now if we are going to have any chance of saving Jiang Chen” One by one they pulled forward their swords as they slowly started to walked away from the burning house and they had not gotten far before the screams of people are heard.

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