Chapter 10 started and more

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I feel great today after yesterday were I finished another chapter in more novel and guess I am slowly feeling more and more ready to add my ideas for a sequel to this pages because I feel like nothing much will change in the remaining chapter but who knows. After the first part of chapter 10 today I am now finished with the first version of the book 25. September.

Thanks to everyone who have helped me get this far 🙂

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Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 1

As the sun started to raise over the town, it had already become clear for Ling Chang and the others that something was very wrong in the town. Screams was heard everywhere while fire and smoke made it almost impossible to see anything. Ling Chang walked between the two men who had formed like a shield around her as they had no idea of when they would run into some enemy soldiers as it was no longer a chance of if they were found. Every time a scream or a dead body appeared it gave a set in Ling Chang who really had to focus herself not to scream back and blow their cover. “Are we soon at the palace?” Ling Chang whispered to Hui Wen who was in front but even after a while no answer had returned, making Ling Chang pull his cloches which made him turn around and the mix of smoke and seriousness made him look very angry. “What?” he yelled whispering and Ling Chang wished she had not disrupted him but replied “When are we there?” calmly. Hui Wen looked at her before a sudden scream not farm from them, made him push himself against the wall of the burning house, making Ling Chang and Jun Chen followed his movements just in time. In the next three soldier walked past with a death woman hanging in between their arms and only a quick arm from Jun Chen prevented Ling Chang from screaming, letting the men pass in peace at first but Ling Chang felt the rage inside her and before Jun Chen had a chance to hold her back, she had already stepped out in the middle of the road away form the safety of the smoke. “Stop” she yelled while pointed her sword against the soldiers who stopped as told before turning around laughing. “Look a woman, playing with a sword” one of the soldier said while laughing and another replied “Maybe it is her sister” and threw the remains of the death woman against Ling Chang who landed with the face looking directly at her with her bare eye socket. Ling Chang could feel her rage grow inside and the three men walked closer while one of the tried to get a hold on her but in a second Ling Chang moved and the man were now screaming of pain, making the two remaining pulling their swords and attack but Ling Chang was not done. In the next she killed the screaming man, blocked the attacks from the others and killing them too. Jun Chen and Hui Wen stood speechless as Ling Chang cleaned her sword of the blood before Jun Chen walked slow over to her. “Are you alright?” He whispered gentle and Ling Chang looked him and smiled while the rage inside her disappeared quickly before replying “Yes”. Hui Wen also came out form the smoke but he was far from calm and yelled “You have maybe ruined our one chance of saving Jiang Chen and make it out of this town alive” He wanted to yell more but he could see that Ling Chang was close to burst into tears. He took a deep breath and returned to his normal calm self and continued “Sorry, I did not mean that, I just got worried for you… That is all” Ling Chang looked at him with shiny eyes and did not reply but returned her sword to its place by her side.