Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 2

Hui Chen looked at her like he was uncertain of what just had happened even he had seen her rage before. “Take the bodies and throw them inside this burning building, we cannot leave them here or they might track us” Hui Wen said with a calm voice and started to remove the first while Jun Chen handle the rest as they knew without saying it that they needed a guard. The smoke got thicker and thicker, making the it like walking at night with the flames from the houses lighting up the place like torches. Suddenly a horse is heard and by a quick movement and pure luck they manage to get out of its path without getting noticed as the ridder continues down the street and soon out of sight. “That was close” Hui Wen says as they reappear. “Guess we better walk near the houses to be safe even that heat from the burning houses might be unbearable” He continued before Ling Chang broke in. “What about the mason and my teacher?” It flew out of her mouth, making both Jun Chen and Hui Wen look at her with serious eyes before they turned defeated and they one by one turned back at her. “Did I say something wrong?” Ling Chang continued as she was not sure what was going on but the two men continued to walk like she were not there before it suddenly hit her what was going on and again the words flew out of her mouth. “We have to save them” and even that the words came fast, her mind was made up on it. Hui Wen turned around against her and his eyes was as defeated as before and with a almost silence voice he replied “We have already walked past their homes, you might not have recognised it because of the flames coming from them so I am sorry but we are too late” Ling Chang could feel sadness trying to control her like when she had to leave her mother at home but she wanted to show Hui Wen, she had become strong doing the time they had been in the town so she kept her actions as normal as possible but Jun Chen continued. “I can see right thought you, so no need to act up… I am sorry that we did not get there in time but lets us focus on saving Jiang Chen” Ling Chang did not know what to say so she just nodded without changing her facial expressions.