Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 3

They continued walking deeper into the town and soon they reach the walls surrounding the palace, they knew that Gang Chen was living inside but there was too many soldiers outside for them to just enter without revealing themselves so good ideas was needed. Ling Chang was the first to opened the mouth. “I am a girl so I can” More did she not managed to say before Jun Chen broke in and almost revealed them on his own. “No, we are not sending you inside the most dangerous place in this town… Am I right Hui Wen?” Hui Wen had been too focus on the guards patrolling nearby to listen to either Ling Chang or Jun Chen so his reply was completely random. “Yes, we need to find a way in… Maybe we can use Ling Chang?” He said as he turned around and looked at the others. Ling Chang was smiling and Jun Chen was already getting angry but he managed to stay calm “Not saying that you are an old foul but did you even hear what we was talking about?” Jun Chen asked and looked at Hui Wen who tried to hide that he had not but still replied “No matter if I have heard it or not, we need to get someone on the other side of those walls so we can save Jiang Chen and if the only way is to send in Ling Chang then we most or do you not want to save your father anymore?” Jun Chen looked at him and to a deep breath before trying to stay calm while answering. “Right, if you say so but we don’t even know if he is in there” Ling Chang wanted to reply that but Hui Wen replied first. “That is a good reason why we only send Ling Chang inside as if we reveal ourselves in attempt to find him, we will have an entire army on our backs and then we don’t have many places to go” Jun Chen looked at him and then at Ling Chang who was closed to burst of joy that Hui Wen would send her on such an important mission. “Fine” Jun Chen said before turning against Ling Chang “But be careful” he said while looking directly into her eyes. Jun Chen just smiled and replied “Of course, but I need some privacy to get ready as I do not look very girly this way” and pointed at her cloches which was mostly traveling clothes.

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