Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 4

Ling Chang took forward her backpack and walked around a house to hide herself for the men and quickly she returned far more female than before, making Jun Chen losing his jaw before focusing himself on the mission. “Now I am ready” Ling Chang said while blossom a bit at the sight of Jun Chen’s reaction “You look good” Jun Chen managed to say before Hui Wen broke in. “Yes, you do, but you have to focus on the mission now… You go inside a look around to figure out where the emperor is before return here ALIVE” His looked very serious and Ling Chang tried to smile before nodding and started to run against the gate to the palace. Jun Chen and Hui Wen followed behind while staying hidden to prevent Ling Chang’s cover from being blown. “Were have all that beauty been while we have been here” It flew out of Jun Chen’s mouth as they watched her getting closer to the guard. Hui Wen looked at Jun Chen before returning his focus at Ling Chang “I do not know, but for now we need to be ready at the slightest indication of things going wrong” but just as the words left his mouth, the guard had allowed Ling Chang to enter before closing the gate behind her.