Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 5

Ling Chang could not help her eyes grow big as she entered the garden inside the palace walls as there was no fire or screaming but instead full of birds singing. The only thing that showed the war outside was the smoke raising above the wall. It was so beautiful that Ling Chang almost forgot her mission of finding Jiang Chen but only almost as a scream broke the silence. Ling Chang followed the noise and found a maid surrounded by 3 men, her cloches was broke and had blood on. “Leave me alone” The woman yelled but the men walked closer laughing, making Ling Chang pull a small knife from its hiding spot inside her hair, she prepared herself to attack one of the men but stopped just as she were about to strike as she knew it would ruin her cover. The woman screamed again some unintelligible words and one of the men turned around, just to notice Ling Chang with the small knife. “well, what to we have here… Another girl to play with and she brought her own tools” the man said and pulled his sword but before it was free of the sheath, Ling Chang had change her mind of her cover and attack the man, making the sword fall to the ground. The man turn red as the morning sun and launched a punch after Ling Chang who was far to fast for him so she just bowed down and pulled the sword from the ground and place her knife back into her hair in one movement. The two remaining men noticed what had happen and they pulled their swords quickly while stepping around Ling Chang so she now had an enemy on each side.