Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 7

“Sorry for making you part of this mess but I am really glad you saved me, are there anything I can do in return” the woman said calmly and Ling Chang became completely staggered that she forgot all about the mission and just replied “No worries, we woman have to stick together” and started to walk away like she had been there before, making the woman follow her like a duckling “You are not from around here” the woman said in a mix of knowing and questioning, making Ling Chang’s mind return to a bit of its former state “Yes, I am looking for someone, but I do not remember who right now… stupid memory, it is never working when you need it” and the woman just laughed.

In the meantime was Jun Chen and Hui Wen still waiting for the information that Ling Chang was supposed to bring and Jun Chen had slowly become more and more worried for his lover but tried to keep it on the inside. Hui Wen’s mind was instead thinking about if it really was a good idea to save the emperor when they was making the crown prince a sitting duck in this mess and if just one person would recognise him they would be in big trouble.

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