Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 8

“What is happening inside, that makes it take so long” Jun Chen said while keeping his eyes on the gate. Hui Wen change his focus form the gate to Jun Chen and smiled while replying “You was the one, telling her to go inside and now you are worried about her? I am sure the training we have given her is far enough to survive even in there” “You really think so?” Jun Chen replied quickly while still not moving his eyes away form the gate. “Yes, plus she is the daughter of Xiao Chang… one of your father’s most trusted soldiers so I know even that we are not there to protect her, she will do just fine…” Ling Chang thought for a moment as even he knew that Hui Wen was right something else troubled him “What about her rage?” He asked but instead of an answer he felt Hui Wen pulling him away from his view point and just as he turned around to watch were he were getting pull to, he hit his hard on a girder, blacking out instantly. Hui Wen jumped and managed to stop him from hitting the rocks too before bidding both of the inside a smoke filled house. At first he was silence but soon a group of soldier walked right pass them. Hui Wen looked out the house and followed them as they continued to walked past the gate to the palace, making him dump down on the wood. “Thank you lord, I could not handle helping them both in one time” and then he crawled over to Jun Chen.”Wake up, Wake up” he tried but he was getting no response except for a calm breathing telling him that Jun Chen was alive.