Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 9

Jun Chen felt a warm breeze playing his body before a pain in his head made him move to his to examine the injury. “What happened Hui Wen?” He said while he continued to search for the point of the pain but instead of finding it the pain disappeared. He was about to yell of Hui Wen for not answering when his noise picked up the scent of tea and not any tea but his father’s favourite tea full of Jasmin. He opened his eyes and noticed that he was no longer in the burning town but inside the garden of his father’s palace and his home. “You are finally awake” a voice said, making Jun Chen turn around searching for the owner of the voice but at first there was no one to be seen when suddenly he noticed a man in the shadows of the buildings. “Who are you and where am I?” Jun Chen asked while his hands started to search for his sword. He found it and pulled it out before quickly raising it above his head. Laughter filled the air before the voice continued “Are you really going to defend yourself with that?” Before the laughter returned but Jun Chen was in no mood of being teased so he yelled back “Answer me or… or…?” “Or what?” The voice said and Jun Chen started to charge against the shadow but stopped quickly as the sword suddenly became lighter and lighter. He placed it in front of himself for a moment and watched with big eyes as it turned into fireflies which each flew away one by one until the sword was completely gone. “I will beat you anyway” Jun Chen yelled as he returned to normal as the last firefly flew away. The man behind the voice stood up and walked out into the sun without a word and Jun Chen feelings of anger and hate turns at once into sadness and joy as the man is his father Jiang Chen. “F…ather?” Jun Chen managed to say as the man comes closer and hugs him. “I cannot answer that” the man says before continuing “I wish I could but you need to relax” Jun Chen accepts the hug but the confusion of not knowing where he is and who the man is troubles his mind. “Am I safe?” Jun Chen ask as the man lets go on him and starts walked over to a small fireplace. “Yes, nothing can hurt you here but please clear your mind and join me for a cup of tea” The man says. Jun Chen can feel his body is conflicted but his feet cares him to the fireplace and his hand accepts the tea from the stranger. Without a word he takes a snip of the tea and it is just as the time before he meet Ling Chang, or the attack on the palace for that matter. “Where am I?” Jun Chen finally asked breaks the silence. “Does it matter” the man answered a bit dry like he were annoyed that it was so important to Jun Chen. Jun Chen could feel that he had to eat his words and just enjoy the time there but he had to know, the dream or nightmare he and Ling Chang had experience with the elements together less than a day ago started to hunt him. “I am sorry father, I am glad to see you well but I need to know where and why I am here as last time I was dreaming I had to fight for my life against someone I love.” His voice was both calm and angry on the same time. The man took a big sip of his tea and closed his eyes before answering “I am not alive nor am I a dream but I am here to help you relax as what happens now is neither the past or the future” Jun Chen looked confused on the man and took a sip of the tea too before he gave in to the relaxing and closed his eyes just as the man. A silence between them started to grow and only birds in the nearby tree and their breathing was heard while the sun slowly disappeared for the sky. When Jun Chen finally opened his eyes again the day had gone and a beautiful night full of stars had appeared. The man was still seating in front of Jun Chen with his eyes closed and for some reason the fireplace had not died either. Suddenly the man said with a cold voice “I am sorry for what I do next, but you need to be ready for the events which are waiting for you back home” and at first Jun Chen looked confused at the man but soon a group of fireflies landed in his hand. He looked at becoming more and more before looking at the man who suddenly was standing behind the fire with a sword in his hands. “I am sorry” The man said and started to swing the sword though the fire against Jun Chen who had frozen into ice. The sword came close to Jun Chen’s neck and in the last second something blocked the attack. Jun Chen woke up with a set from hit and noticed that the fireflies had turned into his sword once more and in reflex he had blocked the attack. “Good block, my boy but you need to be better to be able to defeat me and the future quests of your life” The man said and lunched another attack without giving Jun Chen any chance of questioning what was happening. Jun Chen made a quick movement and rolled away from the fire and second attack before he finally had a chance to stand up.

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