Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 10

“I knew you were evil” Jun Chen yells at the man who without answering just launched another attack. “I thought we was family, I thought you wanted to help me but you are evil” Jun Chen yelled while blocking another attack. The man looked him deep into the eyes and replied hash “I am not good nor evil, I am here to prepare you for your last fight” Jun Chen tried to close his eyes to keep the eyes away but even in the darkness of they still appeared like nothing were blocking them. Fear started to grow inside Jun Chen and even he had been able to block every attack so far, he was having no energy to attack back. “You are a weakling Jun Chen” the man yelled and attacked again expecting it to break the spirit of Jun Chen but instead it ignited something inside Jun Chen and the attacked back. “I do not care who you are or what you think I am” Jun Chen yelled and attacked quickly while a smile started to appear on the man who just blocked the attack like it was nothing. “Are you sure about that?” The man yelled back and let the sword flew thought the air faster and more powerful that before. Jun Chen blocked the attack but it had such power it made him seem like he was kneeling for the enemy. “Yes, you are not getting me” Jun Chen yelled back and stood up right away to lunch his own attack and this time the man smiled got even bigger. “Stop smiling” Jun Chen yelled and started to lunch multiply attacks at the man who for the moment was only blocking the attacks. Just as the last strike hit the man’s sword, Jun Chen flew the power of the man and he managed to jump back before the sword cut through the air with such power that it made a small breeze. Jun Chen scream loud and attack, making the man jump back over the fireplace and Jun Chen felt he had the upper hand. The man closed his eyes again while unified his hand around his blade and Jun Chen yelled “Are you praying to your god or are you fighting me” and the man opened his eyes and they had turned red as blood even that neither of them had been able to hit the other yet. “I cannot pray to myself, my boy” and as the last word left his mouth Jun Chen noticed that blood had appeared on the blade too and in the next there was suddenly two swords. The man attacked and Jun Chen was soon in defence mode once more and he knew he had to find a way thought the rapid attacks or it would be the end and the time that had passed he started to make him more and more confused about if it was a real fight or if he was just dreaming like he and Ling Chang had been under the waterfall. The swords was singing around like birds in love and Jun Chen tried to look around for a chance to get free of the attacks and lunch his own.

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