Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 11

He noticed a tree not far from him and quickly he got an idea so he jumped back against the tree while the man keep attacking him. He felt the tree behind him and now he just had to wait for another attack. Jun Chen watched as the sword came closer and just in the last second he jumped away and was about to yell loudly of joy but instead of stopping the sword, the tree just vanished and the sword continued to fly through the air like it had never been there in the first place. “Did you really think it was that easy” The man yelled before attacking again like before. Jun Chen was speechless and started blocking the attacks once more. A new tree appeared behind him and he though for a moment before deciding to take the chance once more as it was better than to defend again and again if it was going to work this time. Jun Chen jumped back and the sword flew thought the air but just as the sword was closed to hit, the treen became a woman and even that Jun Chen did his best the sword hit the woman and she screamed loudly of pain while the man stopped swinging his sword for a while. Jun Chen ran to the woman and held around her as he tried to figure out what to don about her wounds and pain. “I am sorry” Jun Chen said as tears started to run down his checks even he had not the single idea who she was. He watched as the woman closed her eyes, making him do the same. The man started to raise his sword behind them but Jun Chen felt it and as he opened his eyes once more he yelled against the man “Why did you make me do this” and the man stopped the sword to answer. “I am trying to help you, my boy” the man replied calmly before the woman opened her eyes too and took Jun Chen’s sword from the and penetrated him and the man, making it impossible for Jun Chen to scream of pain as his mouth quickly filled with blood. His body feel to the ground and the world turned red before being completely dark as he closed his eyes a last time.

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