Chapter 10 – Execution – Part 12

Soon a voice appeared the darkness and as the light reappeared Ling Chang was above him. “Thank goodness, you are awake now… we started to worry” Ling Chang said with tears in her eyes. “Keep your voices down” Hui Wen said as Jun Chen woke up even more but even the know face of Ling Chang could not keep him silence and he yelled loudly “Get away from me you demon” and before anyone could move or say anything he flew up and pulled his sword fast. As he landed on the ground again Ling Chang was having his sword as her face and a foot on her chest. Jun Chen was the first to react and he quick placed his sword between Ling Chang and Jun Chen’s sword even he knew it was making him vulnerable instead. “Let go off the sword and relax Jun Chen” Hui Wen yelled without caring about their cover. “Stay away, olding and leave this demon to me” Jun Chen yelled back while Ling Chang started crying as she had finally awoken from the quick attack that had happen.