Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 1

A heavy wind appears and blows away much of the smoke for a while just for the group to see Gang Chen in front of lots of soldiers. A laughter breaks out from Gang Chen. “Do you really think, the four of you can beat my army?” Making Hui Wen step forward from and away from the others. Ling Chang tries to stop him but he gets free from her grasp and yelled back with not single fear in his voice. “First step of preventing a trap is knowing it is there and release it” before pulling his sword and swings it around. Gang Chen laughter continues loudly but is interrupted by a scream of pain from a nearby soldier. “What happens back there?” Gang Chen yells after his laughter has stopped and another soldier is hit by another arrow before someone can answer. “What kind of tricks are this, Hui Wen” Gang Chen yells and now Hui Wen is the one laughing. “Did you really think I would walk into your trap and risk the life of crown prince without backup?” Ling Chang notices a shadow in the smoke behind them and smiles as the shadow turns into a familiar face. “Lei? Is that you?” Ling Chang ask while raising her sword to be sure it is not an ambush and the man just nods while he puts a finger up to his mouth and soon more men appears in the shadows. Gang Chen does not need much time to think and yells “Attack and kill them all but keep Jiang Chen alive. I want him to hear the death screams of his son” and Hui Wen turns around against his own army and yells “Ready?” And a loud scream returns to him and as he looks forward once more the first enemy soldiers appears and the sword starts swing against the nearest man. Ling Chang turns around against the soldiers too before taking a quick look at Jun Chen whose eyes tells her more than words could do and she turns again Mei Chen but she is gone from the circle and Ling Chang fears her feelings about her being a traitor is true but before she is able to get it confirmed she watched Mei Chen near Hui Wen already killing her first enemy. Ling Chang can feel the mix of rage and jealousy grows inside her and things turns red in front of her, making it easier for her to see though the smoke. Ling Chang attacks and kills the first two men while more and more soldiers appears behind her and she is no longer alone on the battlefield while the death screams are filling the air. Gang Chen laughter is heard from his throne as the ground becomes more and more red from the blood of the death men. Ling Chang fights the best she has learn and the red sight makes her rage grow even wilder than before and soon she have already killed 10 enemies.In the meantime is Jun Chen trying to reach his father on the execution platform but the men, he is fighting is dying just as fast so he is quickly surrounded. “Got you now” a soldiers says laughing as men forms a ring around him and blocks every way of escape but Jun Chen is cold as ice and instead of yelling for help he just starts laughing instead and before the soldier can ask why he is killed by Ling Chang who has watched the mess. “Kill, kill them all” Ling Chang yells in a blood rage while Jun Chen use the change to get on the platform, but as kills the executioner and unties the man about to get executed, the man just picks up the axe from the chopping block nearby. “I am here to save you father” Jun Chen tries to say as the man launches the first attack with the big as and the man just starts laughter which is mixed with the laughter from Gang Chen who can see the action from his throne. “Did you really think it would be that easy?” Gang Chen yells as two soldiers behind him brings forward a man who can only be Jiang Chen. Jun Chen wants to yell something back but the man attacks again and the axe lands right next to Jun Chen feet that he jumps to be sure that he is not hit. “Leave my father alone” Jun Chen yells as he lands safely on the ground again which makes Gang Chen laugh even more and reply “I would not worry about your old man, I will not kill him before you have been killed as like I said I want him to hear every death scream from you and your friends.” Jun Chen blocks an attack from the man with the axe and attacks back but even that the man is small and the axe is back, he is still fast enough to move out of the attack. The man attacks once more and this time he manage to cut some of Jun Chen’s clothes, making Jun Chen yell of annoyance and strike back instantly and this time the man is not fast enough to move and the sword penetrated the man’s chest like butter and he fell to the ground with the axe still in hand. Jun Chen expected fear to appear in Gang Chen’s voice but instead a calm voice continued yelling “Wow, you killed another of my men… I still have another million soldiers waiting for you so do you really think you have what it takes” The calmness bothered Jun Chen but new enemies did not give him much time to think or reply Gang Chen with other than the sounds of sword hitting each other with power. In the meantime had Jun Chen and Lei together with other from the resistance reached the centre of the market and they were now trying to break the enemy into two groups, so they could break the moral of the men in the small group so they had fewer men to focus on, but the amount of enemy soldiers made it a almost impossible task.

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