Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 2

Hui Wen tried to make an opening so more soldiers could help him and Lei with the division of soldier but every time it seem liked he got it open and their soldiers started to appear they was swiftly force back by a new wave of enemy soldiers and in despair he yelled “Ling Chang were are you” and tried to look after her but she was no were in sight. Sudddenly an opening appeared in from him and he prepared himself for fight but instead of an great enemy, Ling Chang was suddenly in front of him and he could see her eyes was as red as the morning sun. The sight made him almost shallow his tongue as fear grew inside him if she had gotten so much taste for blood now that she had turned evil. Her eyes looked at him like she was aiming for any weak spots in his armour and without a warning, she suddenly started running against him, making him not being able to think twice so he tried to point at her with his sword but it was already too late as in the next she was past him and a scream was heard. He turned slowly around and a now death soldier was covering the ground with his blood. “Sorry, master” Ling Chang said calmly like the killing of the now death man had been a fly and before Hui Wen could say thanks, she ran on and the blood on the sword was had not disappeared in the wind before another kill had happened. Hui Wen shocked his head, what I am going to do with her before he noticed that the opening was filled by the resistance now and he could continued his plan.