Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 3

He turned around when a cold feeling started to fills body and he fell to the ground while he tried to remove the object which had started the cold and to his fear it was a sword. He cut his fingers on the sword, making him try to look up and tried to scream for help but his mouth ran fast full of blood as the sword keep going through his body and soon he felt the handle reaching his back and forced him to the ground. He gave up on getting a sight of the sun a last time and feel to the ground exhausted when a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of him and with the last energy he managed to get his head up before the energy was out once more but instead of falling back to the ground instantly a pair of hands grab his head and a known taunt voice said “Now I only need to kill two more, old fool” Hui Wen looked at the person and even with blurred sight he knew who his killer was but his mouth was too full of blood and instead of yelling for help he spit the blood right in the face and said ice cold “You will never win” and just as the words had left his mouth the hands disappeared and he hit the ground hard before the sword from his back was gone too and the pain disappeared before he closed a last time. The killer clean the sword and face before lowly said “They would not know what hit them” and just as fast the attack had happen, the killer had left the screen.

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