Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 4

Ling Chang could feel the rage in her body suddenly disappeared and soon the red glow from her eyes disappeared too. In one movement she was fighting and in the next she had closed her eyes as she started to screaming loud in a mix of pain and horror when suddenly a silence followed. Ling Chang opened her eyes to figure out why the silence and noticed that no one was moving like they all had turned to ice. She walked around between the men slowly and watched one bloody fight after another before she quickly moved and reached the fight Ling Chang was fighting. “Please wake up” she almost silence said as she worried that the voice would destroy him but nothing happened to him or any of the soldiers. She looked around and even Gang Chen on the farthest away she could see were frozen except for her and the mix of being alone and the horrors of what she had done, made tears starting to run down her checks. She was all out in tears, not paying attention to her surroundings at all when suddenly a cold hand touched her and she almost flew up with the sword pulled and ready to fight but quickly removed it when she noticed it was Jun Chen who had returned to life. “What happened?” Jun Chen asked as they hugged and warmed each other up. Ling Chang looked at him but had troubles finding the words but managed to say a single word “Sorry”, making Jun Chen quickly hold her closer and reply “It is not your fault” and just as the words had left his mouth another know voice replied “You are right, I am the one, making this” a floating Hui Wen said which at first made Ling Chang want to scream but his calm voice made her keep quiet. “I just want to say that I am so proud of you two” Hui Wen continued and Jun Chen wanted to say something but Hui Wen stopped him “No talking, just yet. I am also happy that you have found each other both in training and in love and yes, I knew all the time so next time, don’t try to hide it” Hui Wen body became more and more transparent for each word leaving his mouth. “You have my blessing and now go with peace” Hui Wen said and as the last word left his mouth he was gone and before Ling Chang and Jun Chen could do nothing, they were suddenly back at their places fighting like nothing had happened. Ling Chang Looked around to find Hui Wen and found him laying in the mud, bleeding from his back surrounded by four enemy soldiers and she knew what she had to do. She started to fight her way against the body and just as she reach the body, Jun Chen was there too. They killed the soldiers around his body like they was wheat on a field and they started to stop the bleedings as Lei appeared with some men and started yelling out commands. “Men, form a circle around us and keep the line to split up the enemy” He yelled and the nearby men quickly started to doing what they were told. Lei turned against Jun Chen and Ling Chang as he wanted to say something but Gang Chen broke in “One old foul death and buried, and four left, this is becoming the best day in my life” he said mocking and laughing making Jun Chen prompted yelled back “He is not death yet” which just made Gang Chen laugh even louder and more mocking. “Who said that I was talking about Hui Wen?” He said as he held a small break from laughing and pointed at Jiang Chen who appeared normal at first before blood appeared on his throat and when he tried to screaming his mouth filled with blood as he fell to the ground as a doll. Jun Chen could feel the sadness grow inside him but instead of giving Gang Chen the pleasure, he just yelled back “You will pay for every death, you will cost today” and Jun Chen was about to run off from Hui Wen and Ling Chang when a hand stopped him. “Let go of me, Ling Chang” Jun Chen almost yelled without turning around but the hand did not let go and Jun Chen turned around to force the hand to let go when he noticed that it was Hui Wen. “I am sorry my boy, but cannot let you go before you promise me you won’t let the rage inside you, control you” Jun Chen wanted to yell but a calmness filled his body faster and without any words Hui Wen released and Jun Chen was free once more. Ling Chang smiled to see that Hui Wen was alive but the happiness was short as in the next he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

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