Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 5

Jun Chen looked at Ling Chang and at Hui Wen’s death body. “I promise I will stay calm no matter who or what I am fighting” Jun Chen said and for a second it seemed like that Hui Wen lips moved and smiling but when Jun Chen closed and opened his eyes the smile was gone and he knew that he was gone. Ling Chang could not hold the tears back any longer and even that she could feel the rage inside her like the other times that she needed it, she kept it inside and prevented her eyes from becoming red as blood but the powers inside her was stronger than before so she suddenly started shaking: Jun Chen noticed it quickly and knew he had to do something to calm her down but as he held out a hand, Ling Chang pulled her sword and instead of taking the hand she attacked and only a quick move from Jun Chen prevented him from losing it. “Ohh, the young lady is on fire” Gang Chen yelled from his throne and kicked the death body of Jiang Chen to make her even more raged, making Jun Chen trying to think fast. Gang Chen could see the kicking made Ling Chang loose more and more of her focus not being angry so he started kicking Jiang Chen even more while yelling to Jun Chen to keep him from thinking. “I would not stand near her, she seems like a volcano ready to explode at anytime now” he yelled loudly and mocking. Ling Chang attacked Jun Chen who only managed to block the attack by pure luck and the soldiers forming the circle around them started to worry for their lives even that they was still busy fighting against Gang Chen’s men. “Your girlfriend is not the sweet girl you expected” Gang Chen yelled expecting Jun Chen to loose his ideas even more but instead a smile appeared on Jun Chen face and yelled back to Gang Chen “Thanks” and while Gang Chen’s turned from the happy face to the confused face, Jun Chen blocked another attack from Ling Chang and with out a word to her, he kissed her on the lips. At first Ling Chang tried to escape the kiss but just as she was able to guide the sword against Jun Chen, she relaxed and returned his kissing. “Noooooooo, you was supposed to kill each other, not become lovers” Gang Chen finally yelled as Jun Chen and Ling Chang stopped kissing. “Kill them, kill them all now” Gang Chen yelled and pointed at some bowmen, who started aiming at first before they stopped and asked “What about our own men?” And now it was Gang Chen’s face and body which was full of rage and he yelled as high he could “Do I look like one who cares, kill them all now” and arrows starts flying thought the air, hitting both good and bad people.

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