Mind still offline

My mind is still offline, maybe I am scared of ending my story or something as I am so close to the target now. Guess nothing more can be said todayMore

Sick day so mind is offline

I was sick for the second time this week today so my mind is offline about novel and just want to be ready for tomorow and the last work day before weekend.More

Deadline and words left

I forgot to update my expected deadline yesterday so is doing it today instead as I just finished another part and feels good to be back again after holiday. I hope it does not ruin my goal of finished the book completely by 1st of December, without a few chapter covers as that is out…More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 4

The happiness in the voice was not mistaken and soon the men around them started yelling of joy too and it spread out thought the town like a wind. In the middle of it all stood Jun Chen in silence, not because he was not happy like his father but still his mind wondered what…More

Chapter 5 ready but mind is not

Another new cover form my great friend David, thanks as always but it did not kick start my mind after 2 weeks of holiday which was quiet fun so will try again tomorrow.More