Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 6

Ling Chang seat near Hui Wen’s death body with closed eyes as she was praying to the gods to make room for him up there and as she finished she started to wondered what would happen next as once more she was alone in the world, except for Jun Chen but that was different and not family. She knew that they had a fight to win first but still she was dreaming about days with peace between people. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder as she is about to look up find out the owner she is pulled away from Hui Wen’s body. She starts twisting and turning to get free from the hand as it is not letting go. She opens her eyes and gets ready to scream but her voice dies when two arrows hits Hui Wen’s body, near the place she was just seating and her eyes follows the hand up and sees Jun Chen trying to protect her from the arrows. “Get up” Jun Chen yells and helps her up standing as more arrows starts flying thought the air. Ling Chang and Jun Chen looked at each other as they knew they had to do something or the lives of Hui Wen and Jiang Chen has been wasted for nothing. Suddenly an arrow hits Lei and the scream of pain, makes Jun Chen decide to do the unthinkable. “Are you alright Lei?” Jun Chen asks and even in pain Lei manages to nod as the arrow has only hit is left leg. Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang and without any words she knows what he has planned and starts yelling of him “No, No, Not you too, please stop, Don’t do it” but he turns around, lets go of her hand and starts walking away from her while Lei manage to keep her from follow him. “Please stop, I love you” Ling Chang yells loudly and for a moment Jun Chen stops and look back at her just to reply “Yes, I love you too but I have to do this or we will never have a chance together.” And then he turns back around as Ling Chang eyes gets full of tears because she fears the worst. “Stop your men and fight me Gang Chen” Jun Chen yells loudly against Gang Chen who quickly makes his men stop firing. “Did someone hear a bird sing?” Gang Chen yells back while some men around him prepares new arrows and others starts laughing. Jun Chen looks directly at him and yells again “I said stop your men and fight me Gang Chen or are you the bird?” Louder than before and a soldier continues laughing which makes Gang Chen return his rage and stands up from the throne instantly. “Do not push me or you will end up like this” and pulls forward his sword and penetrates the laughing soldiers, making the entire town silence except for the soldier drowning in his own blood. Jun Chen does not say anything and in the next Gang Chen starts cutting upwards, almost splitting the soldier into two instead of just pulling it out like a sane person. Ling Chang looks away as she fears something more bloody will happen and rightfully so is Gang Chen almost not done, with the first soldier before he penetrates the next one with his sword while he yells loudly “You got to teach them a lesson or you will never be the leader of anything” Jun Chen looks around on the men around and many of them are having fear in their eyes but before he can yell anything back Gang Chen spilts the man thought the guts so intestine and blood covers the ground. “This is your end, Jun Chen and after I am done with you, you sweet little girlfriend will be all alone in the world and I am sorry to be the one letting you know but the world is not as safe as your father told you as a child”

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