Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 7

Jun Chen looks at Ling Chang before yelling back “Do you accept or not?” And Gang Chen just smiles while answering taunting “I would be honoured fighting the emperor’s only son and the last one in the royal bloodline but be warned I cannot promise you what I will do to your girl if you lose” Jun Chen raises his sword and then enemy soldiers forms a road all the way to Gang Chen and the throne. Ling Chang helps up Lei and starts walking behind Jun Chen together with the remaining soldiers. They reach the throne which is moved and soon a circle appears for the two men to fight in. “Are you sure this is a good idea” Ling Chang ask Jun Chen who does not answer and without even looking at her he just yells to Gang Chen “I am ready when you are” Gang Chen swings his sword to clean it from the blood of the two men he already has killed and slowly the two men starts dancing around on the wooden floor. Suddenly a lightning crosses the sky and rain drops starts falling heavy, Ling Chang looks up and the sun which had been on the sky doing the entire battle was now gone behind big dark clouds, making it almost feel like night time. The two men keeps walking around and focusing on each like nothing else matters and as the thunder from the lightning above them starts rumbles the first attacks are happening but neither of the men unable to break thought so instead the men around the starts cheering.