Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 9

In the meantime back at the fight between Jun Chen and Gang Chen, there was still no blood in sight but Gang Chen had noticed the fight between his man and Ling Chang and wondered if he could use it for something. “Your girlfriend is a fighter too” Gang Chen yelled to Jun Chen who turned his sight away from the fight just as gang Chen expected. “Yeah she is good” Jun Chen replied while watching her movements against the man without thinking that he was still in a fight. He felt a pain starting in his left shoulder and the pain reawaken him to his own fight. “You are a cheater” Jun Chen yelled as he forced Gang Chen’s sword away who was laughing too much to keep pushing. “I did not do anything, it was all your own fault” Gang Chen finally said as they were watching each other again. Jun Chen was tried off his laughter so he attacked without thinking much of his new injury and the attack had such power that Gang Chen had to stop laughing and block the attack but still his own sword made him get a small cut on his right arm. “Well, well, well. Now we are both are bleeding” Gang Chen said and pushed Jun Chen with his free hand before attacking on his own but Jun Chen was more ready this time and they started to take turns in attacking and defending without any more blood. Suddenly Gang Chen yelled “Sword” and a sword flew thought the air and Jun Chen managed just to step away from it but instead Gang Chen just caught it and was now having two swords making it harder for Jun Chen to defend himself but he was far from done anyway.