Chapter 11 finished, soon book

Hello Anyone

Today I finished chapter 11 in my book now only 4 more chapters left and I am so happy to be done another chapter. Next chapter is ‘Certain death’ and I cannot wait to give you the first part tomorrow even it is going to be a short one because of my plans for tomorrow which includes hair cut, dentist and freind time.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 10

Laughter came from Gang Chen but Jun Chen did not seem impressed and yelled “If you are so strong and powerful why don’t you show it” Jun Chen without revealing any fear for the second sword that Gang Chen had gotten. “Please take the bait” Jun Chen whispered and as he had only finished the line before Gang Chen had taken the bait and attack Jun Chen just as planed and in the next he kicked Gang Chen who only just managed to throw the second sword away before it would have cut himself doing landing and instead the sword landed near Lei, who took it and yelled “Maybe we can fight more fair now” before he started cheering even more his friends as he turned around and watched Ling Chang’s fight. Ling Chang and the man had started dancing around each other just as Jun Chen and Gang Chen in the main fight and soon the men cheering had formed another circle, making it look like an eight instead.

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