Chapter 11 – Rescue – Part 10

Ling Chang threw the bandages against Lei who was laying in the edge and a soldier quickly picked it up to start taking care of him so Ling Chang could focus on the fight instead. “Do you really think that some bandages would matter, when we are done fighting?” The man said laughing and lunched an attack which Ling Chang blocked easily and attacked back instantly while replying “I am not the girl you captured not long ago” Ling Chang yelled and the strike was faster and better than the man so he started bleeding on his shoulder but managed to stop the sword before it could hit his head. “Close call” the man said laughing and unprovoked by the attack before he continued “Better show you how a real man fights” and then he lunched an attack which such power that Ling Chang almost lost the sword but she managed to keep a hold on it and just as she felt the attack was losing strength the man attack again and this time in was the other side. The sword came closer to Ling Chang leg but again she managed to block it and prevent her blood to be spilled even it took much of her strength. But the tried attack did not bring Ling Chang any luck as it came witch such force that even she managed to block the attack, it cut some of her beautiful black hair off. “Do you believe me now” The man yelled as he prepared for another attack but Ling Chang could feel the rage inside her started to grow and attacked without replying the man and the swords hit with such powers that the circle had to open for the man to dance away and they started to dance against the water and the main part of the harbour. Ling Chang attacked again and she managed to cut the man deeply over just above his knee, making his movements slowing down and his laughing was replaced by a screaming of pain. “You will pay for this” the man yelled but Ling Chang did not hear a single word as the blood had completed her rage and instead she attacked again. The man managed to block and attack on his own but his sword did not even get close to hit Ling Chang before she blocked and lunched another strike against him. The swords hit each other but instead of blocking Ling Chang sword went past it and only quick jump made the man survive the attack as it was going straight for his heart. Ling Chang is far from finished and attack again, giving the man no chance to defend or escape her attacks. “Please, please” the man says low while he does his best to defend himself from the attacks but the blood starts appearing more and more places on his body and he falls to the ground exhausted and almost giving up. Lei has not seen Ling Chang fight before but he can see the fear in the man eyes and yells to Ling Chang. “Relax, we need someone alive” but instead of answering she just turns around and looks at him with her blood red eyes which makes him instantly regret yelling to her. The short break gives the man a chance to get standing again and Lei yells to him “Give up and live” but instead of handing over his sword to Ling Chang he uses the chance to attack on her seemly defenceless stand but quicker than the lightning running across the sky is Ling Chang back at the fight and blocks his attack which such power that the sword flies into the sky and the now defenceless man screams of pain as Ling Chang forces her sword inside his chest like butter. “Arhhhhhhhhhhh” the man scream and Lei tries to get standing and stop Ling Chang from finishing the job but his injury makes him too slow. The man’s sword lands in Ling Chang hand and without a word, she swings it and the man’s scream dies out instantly and as his body falls to the ground Ling Chang looks at Lei for a moment too before she too falls to the ground. Lei rushes over and as thunder roars he tries to wake up Ling Chang but she is completed lost in this world and back at Jun Chen’s fight with Gang Chen, the two men watches the two lifeless bodies wondering who of them won. ”Seems like your girlfriend is just as much dead as my man” Gang Chen says and attack Jun Chen who is still watching and waiting for a sign of Ling Chang still being alive but the yelling of his men warns him soon enough and he managed to step out of the way. “Is she alive?” He yelled to Lei who is still holding her close while his fight is suddenly against two, himself and his rage that he promised Hui Wen not to use and Gang Chen who had been his enemy all along. Gang Chen sense his troubled mind and yells “Are you ready to join your girlfriend?” And then he attacks again but Jun Chen blocks it simply even that is mind is turning into mush by the rage and his attempts keep calm and in control.

Suddenly the time slows down as Gang Chen lunch another attack and just as Jun Chen blocks the attack it stops completely. He looks around and every sound is silence and every movement is frozen even the rain has stopped falling. He feels the only movement is his breath and his mind just managed to think “What is happening” before 2 ghosts appears in the rain and two known voices appears, one of his father and emperor Jiang Chen and the other of his master Hui Wen. “Clear your head and heart, young man” Hun Wen starts saying and Jiang Chen smiles and nods before replying “Yes, do not worry about us, we have done anything we needed to do in this world to prepare you” Jun Chen wants to answer them but the freeze is also controlling him except for his focus and his breathing. The two men laughs “We have heard enough of your words, to know what you question is without you need to ask and the answer you seek is yes, she lives and you won’t be alone in this world” and just as sudden the time stopped, it suddenly moves again and all he hears in his ear is “Clear your head and heart” before the yelling from the men around him and Gang Chen is back to its high volume. Jun Chen blocks the attack from Gang Chen who is speechless from the surprise and in the next Lei yells loudly “Yes, my lord, she lives but she is fast asleep” and the stone of fear is gone from Jun Chen and he prepare himself to attack Gang Chen. “Too bad, she is alive as she will beg me to make her join you when I am done with you but do not worry I will take good care other first” Gang Chen yells as he tries to get back into Jun Chen’s head but instead of rage Jun Chen feels the calm run over him and he closed his eyes while whispering “Ling Chang, hang in there, I am on my way” Gang Chen notice the closed eyes and yells “Are you giving up already… have your mind turned into rotten mosh” while the words left his mouth he came closer and closer to Jun Chen who had not moved or opened his eyes again. The soldiers around them yelled so loud that it was impossible for Jun Chen to know if he was being attack or not but just as the edge of the sword touched his skin, he moved quickly out of the way giving Gang Chen no chance to stop or to defend himself from Jun Chen attack who now opened his eyes and attack back, giving Gang Chen a big wound on his back, making him scream loudly of pain and the soldiers was now all silence. Gang Chen managed to get standing while he started yelling “If I do not complete this on my own, my brother will kill you and everybody here for what you did against me” and Jun Chen just smiled as he knew he had won. “Put your sword on the ground and I will let you live but do not test me and make the same mistake as your man, that Ling Chang was fighting” Jun Chen said calmly and the enemy soldiers around him started to put down their weapons while Gang Chen watched them before he nodded and started to put down his sword too as he preferred life even if it meant giving up. “My men and I…” he wanted to say more but his mouth started to fill his mouth and Jun Chen yelled loudly “Who did that?” While he looked around on the speechless men who did not know if they was going to return fighting or still giving up after the death of their leader. Jun Chen ran over to Gang Chen and even he was an enemy, he did not want more people to die but Gang Chan was already far gone. Jun Chen pulled the arrow from the man’s back and yelled once more “Who did that?” And instead of a manly respond, a female voice replied “I did” and at first Jun Chen force his eyes against Ling Chang but when he noticed that she was still fast asleep, he looked around the men and then his eyes caught the eyes of Mei Chen, he had forgotten all about since the battle started. The rain stopped and Jun Chen got confused by the change of weather, making him yell once more “Do not let me ask again, who did this?” And an arrow flew thought the air right beside him and hit the throne. “I just said I did, and in case you wonder why then the man, you just wanted to save form death killed my entire family and together with yours so I did not want him to waste anymore air in this world” Mei Chen yelled while tears started to run down her cheeks and mix with the water from the rain. Jun Chen looked around and no one dared to speak against the woman so he finally replied “Sorry, did not know he killed your family too” and as he starts walking over to her, men around them starts cheering, making Jun Chen stop once more and yelled “There is no time for cheering as we have to burry our death and beside one more enemy is still alive” and the men turned into silence again while he reached Mei Chen who still stood crying. “I am sorry for your lose” Jun Chen said as he held around her and the tears disappeared slowly. “Do not be, just let me help you so we can finish what they started” Mei Chen said low and Jun Chen is about to answer something when Ling Chang voice is suddenly heard. “We made it, we won” and Jun Chen only manages to turn around from the crying Mei Chen when Ling Chang throws herself around him. “I thought I lost you” Ling Chang says and Jun Chen tries to smile as he replies “I thought the same about you, but now we have to defeat the last evil” Ling Chang looks at him with serious eyes before replying “Yes, and we will, my love”

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