Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 1

Funanai, the town was a mess and even that the rain have been falling heavy since the fighting, it still have not put out all the fires but instead most of the blood had disappeared making it look like the death was sleeping. Jun Chen looked over the market before closing his eyes and whispered “I will revenge them all father, and become a great leader like you and our family before” He kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the silence the rain brought. Ling Chang had been busy helping the remaining resistance as for unknown reasons the many enemy soldiers had lost their will or mood to fight after Gang Chen had been killed by Mei Chen doing the fight against Jun Chen. Jun Chen prick up his ears as the silence from the rain was broken by horses traveling thought the mud. “Prepare yourself” He yelled as he look around to figure out where the sounds came from but it was Ling Chang who caught them first. “There they are” she yelled and pointed as the first horse entered the market from the south, which luckily was one of the more defendable place. The ridders stopped and a lone ridder continued to ride against the centre and Jun Chen quickly sent signals to the men to be ready for anything bad. The ridder was soon as within ear reach and Jun Chen yelled “Who goes there?” And ridder stopped the horse in the same, to step off it. “Don’t your eyes tell me who I am, Jun Chen?” the ridder yelled back before taking off the hood and revealed a man. A smile of Jun Chen face appeared and he yelled back “Zhihao, I though you was lost doing the campaign of Gang Chen” and Jun Chen signalled to his men that all was good. “Gang Chen took us by surprise but we still managed to save around 50 men, most of the injured by now” Zhihao yelled back while he looked down at the death people laying everywhere. The two men hugged. “Looks like you had a party without us, where are you father so we talk about reclaim the country” Zhihao said leaving Jun Chen in silence as for a moment he had forgotten all about the death of his father. “I…” Jun Chen tried to say the words but they died on his tongue so he closed his eyes and tried again “I.. I am the leader now that my father is here no more” and the smile on both mens face disappeared and Zhihao replied calmly “I am sure you father will be proud of you as a leader of this great country when we are done with those evil kids” Ling Chang walked slowly against the two men as Lei need help to get around now. “Lei, I thought you was also among the death” Zhihao said and the smiled returned again even it was not at the same hight as before. “I won’t be death before the dragons comes for me, haha” Lei replied gentle.