Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 2

Suddenly a soldier came running to Jun Chen and broke in conversation “My lord, I have good news” the soldier said quickly and as it was first time for Jun Chen to be called my lord, he did know what to reply at first so Lei broke the silence for the waiting man. “Do not wait for our new lord to wake up… speak up this good news you bring” The soldier looked confused at first before he almost yelled out the news “We have found your father, emperor Jiang Chen” Jun Chen broke in “Yes, I know he is laying somewhere back here, I still have not gotten a chance to see him” he said and tears started to appear in his eyes. “My lord, that is not your father, some of the other soldiers who was searching the palace have found him and they are bring him here as fast as they can” The soldier continued in a more calm voice. “Do not lie to me, I know I watched Gang Chen kill him in front of me” Jun Chen snapped as tears started to run from his eyes but before the soldier continue a known voice broke in. “Are you saying I am death, my son?” Jiang Chen said with a dry voice. Ling Chang turned against the voice and the body could only be the one of his father but how was this possible, now two of the three ghosts has been alive and he worried that the last one was alive too so before he continued to let the emotions control him, he yell “check the body of Hui Wen and makes sure he gets all help he needs if he is alive” before Jiang Chen dry voice continued “Is this how you greet your father after so long time alone, in darkness and any knowledge if you were alive or death” Jun Chen bowed to his father as the first tears hit the wooden floor and the other men around them bowed too. “I am sorry father, but I had a vision of your ghost after your lookalike was killed by Gang Chen, sorry I failed you father”