Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 3

Jiang Chen held a shaking hand out and said “Where are you standing son?” And the horrors of what had happened to him appeared on the faces on all the nearby people. “I am here, father” Jun Chen answered calm while he took the shaking hand and place on his head so his blind father could feel him. “What they did do to you?” Jun Chen calm voice was gone and anger had taken its place while tears ran down his check. “I will spare you all the details but we have to find a way to remove the pest from our grounds” Jiang Chen said as he check the face of Jun Chen for any injuries and a small smile appeared on his face when he knew that his son was whole. “What about the Ling Chang? Is the daughter of my most trusted general, is she still alive too” Jiang Chen said and Jun Chen did not answer but instead he took his father’s hand and moved it over to Ling Chang who gave Lei to a soldier to keep him standing while she allowed the hand to play her face. “Yes, my lord. I am alive as well and ready to serve you just as my father before” Ling Chang said as the hand started touching her and the smile of Jiang Chen grew even bigger. “I know the war is far from over but let us celebrate tonight” Jiang Chen yelled out in joy.