Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 4

The happiness in the voice was not mistaken and soon the men around them started yelling of joy too and it spread out thought the town like a wind. In the middle of it all stood Jun Chen in silence, not because he was not happy like his father but still his mind wondered what they was celebrating. He looked at Ling Chang who had noticed his silence and had turned silence herself but before they could say anything to each other the men around them noticed their silence and just as quick as the joy had spread a silence followed living Jiang Chen, the only one yelling for a while before he also turned quiet. “What is wrong? Did I do something bad?” Jiang Chen said as his hands tried to find his son again and when he reach Jun Chen opened his mouth gentle, making sure that he did not hurt his father. “Sorry father, I am happy but I am also sad as I am not sure what we are celebrating as we have lost many good men and the war is far from over” Jun Chen managed to say before Jiang Chen fingers made him quiet and close his mouth. “You are right, you are right my son… the war is far from over but you and Ling Chang still stand strong like pillars caring the whole world and I may be blind but my other senses tells me about your love” Ling Chang and Jun Chen looked confused at each other but kept silence as Jiang Chen continue “Yes, you love each other so much that even a blind man can see it, so the party tonight is not only to celebrate the death but to celebrate the living and love too so before more death happens let me weed you tonight.” Ling Chang was both happy and sad on the same time as she had lost everyone in her family but with the help of Jun Chen and emperor Jiang Chen, she would now have a new family. Ling Chang tried to find the words but instead she felt Jun Chen hand taken hers and they looked at each other for a while as Jiang Chen hand also reach them. In one thought and movement they held the hands up in the sky and without any words from them the joy and happiness returned in the town as the people started yelling once more.

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