Chapter 1 first part updated

Not much to say but first part is updated of chapter 1 and it is already on chapter 1 page, will update more tomorrow and when done I will do the design too.More

Updated world and characters

Just finished cleaning up characters and world so it is ready for the rewrite that I am starting and hope to show first part from tomorrow. While rewriting I am trying to fix the mistakes and so on from the old one too so only spelling mistakes and grammar might be left.More

Figured out plan

I have figured my plan and that is I will write my book as a single book so no sequels and things I can/want to use form the others gets mixed into the story so all stay in there some way. I have no part today and it might be a while before there will…More


I think without thoughtI scream without soundI write without word Maybe… I breath without airI taste without foodI drink without water Maybe.. I fear without knowledgeI hate without justiceI stop without moving Maybe. I hurt without knowingI dream without seeingI love without feeling But you are what keeps me trying again and again Written by Jesper…More

Hope to be back in weekend

Hello anyone I hope to be back with more parts and interesting novel things in the weekend See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Still thinking

Sorry I am still thinking about my problems and sorry I am slow to write anything because of that and writer blockMore

Thinking about issues

I have issues with my book that I cannot handle right now so guess I am trying to ask for help here. The story is mixed of being a single book and one with sequels even I wanted it to be a single book which gives me number 1, 2, 3 and 4 issues Issue…More

Time flew

Hello Anyone Today the time just flew like it was gone before it started so nothing to say other than no part today either See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Reading Chapter 11

I reading chapter 11 at the moment and do not really feel that it works together with chapter 12 so far so is finishing reading it today and then I guess I might rewrite 11 and 12 starting tomorrow. Sorry that you have to wait once more.More

Fire in house next to work

My day was very different for all the other days as suddenly I had to leave work because of fire in the building next door and in the confusion I did not get my stuff out. That means I am without my AirPods, keys and credit card but it was a fine day anyway as…More

Book review of After the… (Spoilers)

Paid review: No (Standard) but got the first after showing interest Name: After the bombs fell, After the train leftLength: 345 pages, 292 pagesWriter: Elyzabeth JohannaPublisher: Independently publishedSeries: 2 so far, 3rd on the way Price: 1usd & 2usd as ebooks, while 13usd in paperback Story: The story follows Ve, and her life in a…More is spam

Just learned the hard way that so was super stupid to buy there, and is calling my bank now. After scout leader meeting I hope to give you review of the week and can say it is a book.More

Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 6

The disappearing of the rain made the soldiers yelled loud once more and Ling Chang looked around on the town which was almost like her home before the burning. Jiang Chen removed the last drops of rain from his forehead before gentle called “Jun Chen, are the clouds disappearing too or is it just the…More

Forgot meeting all day

Today i had meetings all day which I had forgotten before scouting trip so no part today. Instead if there are any danish people around I would recommend you check out the book Gådemagerens gade which is written by my coworker and he has made the story take place in Svendborg so the places in…More

Software review of Headspace

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: Headspace: Meditation & SleepDeveloper: Headspace Inc.Version: 3.125.0 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)Platforms: iOS, Android and webPrice: 12,99usd a month or 69,99usd a year. Now that we have the boring part of the review out of the way I would like to features. What better way to do that other than…More