Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 5

Ling Chang felt the rush from the men cheering and started yelling with the men as tears of joy appeared in her eyes but did not fall. Jun Chen smiled at Ling Chang and decide to join the yelling too which made the town go even wilder while the enemy soldier just walked around like they were death. As the town went silence again and Jun Chen and Ling Chang got their hands back Jiang Chen started to walk against Mei Chen who had been watching it all from a distance. “I guess you forgot to introduce me to this lady, son” Jiang Chen said with a now hoarse voice. “Right, I am sorry father, this is Mei Chen, a young woman that Ling Chang saved while searching for you in town palace” Jun Chen said with pride in his voice over Ling Chang but his face quickly changed as a confused face appeared Jiang Chen face but as he was just about to open his mouth Mei Chen opened hers and replied “Yes, she is a wonderful fighter and I would not be able to meet you, my lord if she did not save me for three soldiers who did not have any sweet plans with me I am sure” and then she kissed the hand of Jiang Chen while she bowed well aware that he was blind. Jiang Chen face quickly turned happy again and he replied “Forgive me, my mind was somewhere else for a moment, I am glad that you are safe from the enemy as well” and then he walked on as rain stopped falling and the evening sun appeared.

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