Chapter 12 – Certain death – Part 6

The disappearing of the rain made the soldiers yelled loud once more and Ling Chang looked around on the town which was almost like her home before the burning. Jiang Chen removed the last drops of rain from his forehead before gentle called “Jun Chen, are the clouds disappearing too or is it just the rain?” Jun Chen had been focus on the men yelling quickly ran up to his father and answered “They are leaving too, father” and without warning Jiang Chen yelled “The gods are with us, tonight we honour the death together with the weeding of my son” and even Jun Chen and Ling Chang had heard the yelling of their weeding before it still gave them the chills even it was a good feeling. The soldiers screaming even louder once more made it even worse than the first time. “What do you want us to do, father?” Jun Chen asked as the yelling became low once more and again he yelled out against the soldiers “Today, we will make a sea of stars by making lanterns for every single soul who has been lost in the war and everyone who wants to drink with me shall have such honour” and the men yelled once more before starting to run around to find paper for the lanterns.

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