Thinking about issues

Hello Anyone

I have issues with my book that I cannot handle right now so guess I am trying to ask for help here.

The story is mixed of being a single book and one with sequels even I wanted it to be a single book which gives me number 1, 2, 3 and 4 issues

Issue 1: I have written elements which maybe do not makes much sense if I keep it a single book which leads to issue 1b as I maybe need to rewrite it

Issue 2: I love the story that I have now and just want to write it without the sequels as I have never been so far before and then rewrite the necessary things afterwards

Issue 3: My mind is full of ideas for sequels which do not fit with single book idea and my mind is so confused about how it all fits so need to start over to keep it all in one story

Issue 4: Rewrite the story so it fits the sequels and make it a series.

No matter what I pick I do not feel like I can continue chapter 12 even I want to a lot so guess issue 2 is out of the window but what do want me to pick or some other idea? but no matter what I will make the story fit the covers David have made for me 🙂

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

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