Chapter 2 update + chapter names

My mind has been busy today as I have added more to chapter 2 as expected and it is already almost 1000 words longer than original and that is without names yet so that is awesome. I have also changed the names of a few of the chapters which I feel is better than the…More

Slowly but steady

Today I have added another chapter 2 part and it is feel amazing as soon I am in the action of chapter 2 and cannot wait to show you the new part. I have also gotten a new chapter cover from my good friend David but will wait a bit to add it as my…More

Tired form yesterday

Hello anyone I am still tried from yesterday so might not be a part today but will try later See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Party today so no part

Hello anyone My cosine is done carpenter school so we are celebrating him today so no part See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

No part because of head

Hello anyone No part today either but might find time for it tomorrow See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Movie Review The Last Starfighter (Spoilers)

Paid review: Nope, paid for the movie myself Name: The Last StarfighterRelease year: 1984Runtime: 101minsDirector: Nick Castle, known from The Boy Who Could Fly and Delivering MiloMain actor: Lance Guest, known from Favorite Son and Jaws: The RevengeMain actress: Catherine Mary Stewart, known from Night of the Comet and Star Rock Story: The movie is…More

Tried after heavy day

Hello anyone Today I had scouting as always and had some a bit though assignments for the head at work so no part today after 2 days with 4000 words and a lot of other correction so will try to be back tomorrow.More

Chapter 2 update + more

Today I have added another 2000 words to chapter 2 so things are looking pretty good. I have also spelled checked copyright, foreword and map so lots of things have happened once again. Now my fingers and head need a rest but hope to be back tomorrow. Plus I have made my Trello more understandable.More

Chapter 2 update + much more

Today and yesterday I have cleaned up my website and it took a while longer than I expected so did not manged to write all of chapter 2 as planned buy has updated it some more. I have cleaned my tags and categories while also updated my covers as I found out I had given…More

Need to clean up a bit

Need to clean up a bit on my site as I feel there is too many random tags and so on, so today I am just cleaning my site and then I will write on my novel tomorrow to give you a major update later.More

Book review of G├ądemagerens Gade (Spoilers)

Paid review: No (Standard) but it is my coworker’s who has written it Name: G├ądemagerens GadeLength: 389 pagesWriter: Jes BarklerPublisher: Independently publishedSeries: NonePrice: 48usd in paperback Story: In the story we meet Emma who lives with her father, buys a old booklet because she was trying to escape some annoying class mates in an antic…More

Lost Chapter 2

Hello anyone I just lost chapter 2, I have an older version still so no worries but lost the part I corrected today so no part today as it happened so late. I will try to write some more tomorrow if my mood is there.More

Chapter 2 is update again

Slowly but at least more than doing the week I have updated chapter 2 some more. I am also doing great progress in updating my idea so it can be a single book.More

Chapter 2 started again

Today I have started looking at chapter 2 which you can already check out on its page because I am also spelling checking while writing it, it is a bit hard to do on my phone so there I am preparing myself for the chapters so the story is fixed before I get to write…More

Time flies

sorry this weekend just flew like the wind so did not have time for novel but will try to return tomorrow if scouting don’t take all my eveningMore

Another day

Hello anyone Another day full of stuff at my mom See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Forgot time

Hello Anyone Forgot time so a quick post to tell you no part See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More