Chapter 2 update + much more

Hello Anyone

Today and yesterday I have cleaned up my website and it took a while longer than I expected so did not manged to write all of chapter 2 as planned buy has updated it some more.

I have cleaned my tags and categories while also updated my covers as I found out I had given them a wrong file name. I have remove my chapter PDF for now as soon characters will have new names. I have written them with 000001 and so fort so I quickly can replace them later with the real ones which I am happy that Claire is helping me with.

I have also went though my entire idea so it is updated and ready to use. After this post I will also try to update my Trello board so you can follow my progress there so all in all a great day in the name of my novel.

I am thinking of maybe make a mailchimp account to send out news letters once a week but it needs some money that I am not sure I wanna use. I know that mailchimp is free so that is not it.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.