Chapter updated again

Chapter 3 is updated again and I am sorry if it is a bit bloody at the moment but it will soon be gone and even the cover seems like it does not fit I will make it fit later on. I have also decided that I will return with parts instead of just update…More

Chapter Part added + Slowly id

I have added another chapter part for chapter 3 so please enjoy. I am also madly in love with slowly so if anyone want to be penpals, feel free to added me here 9XYVJK.More

Dropped phone

I was stupid to drop my phone and it is not feeling so well. It works but it has a big line of green on the right side so will hand it in Monday after work. I know it is a small thing but small things can ruin my mood and focus so won’t post…More

Software review of Slowly

Paid review: No (Standard) Name: SlowlyDeveloper: Slowly Communications Ltd.Version: 6.2.11Platforms: iOS, Android, WebPrice: Free to download and use all you want but if you want to support them it cost $42.99 a year, while you also can buy coins to buy new stamps. The app take a place in my heart and I have only…More

Tried after bad sleep

I am so tried after bad sleep because of my fear of needles as I had to take a blood test today so no part today. I cannot wait to show you review for tomorrow as I have really fallen in love it.More

Chapter 3 updated + news

I have just updated chapter 3 with about 500 words and it feels amazing to be back again. Other news is that I am also soon ready to share a cover for the story itself and cannot wait to show you as the two made so far is so awesome that even with the last…More

Head not 100% but still part

My head is not 100% but have updated chapter 3 with a small part today and I have also figure out what I will review on Thursday as I have fallen over a nice app that I cannot wait to support.More

At mom’s Day 2

Hello Anyone No part today as I am at my moms, ser you tomorrow See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

At mom’s Day 1

Hello Anyone No part today as I am at my moms See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.More

Movie Review Adam (Spoilers)

Paid review: Nope, paid for the movie myself Name: AdamRelease year: 2009Runtime: 99minsDirector: Max Mayer, known from Better living and AliasMain actor: Hugh Dancy, known from Hannibal and King ArthurMain actress: Rose Byrne, known from X-Men: Apocalypse and Spy Story: The movie is about a boy named Adam who has Asperger’s and loses his father.…More

Super tired after long day

Sorry I have a long day at work after train delayed and scout leader meeting so is super tired so will try to find time to do review tomorrow. I am sorry I am having so much stuff this weeks but will try to be here soon enought.More

Chapter 3 updated

Sometimes my mind forgets and I guess I was focused on so many other things that I forgot that I had already added a lot to chapter 3 so now it is ready for you while still being in progress.More

Chapter 2 reuploaded

Even I was sick yesterday I did not wast time as I tried to read chapter 2 and today I finished it. It is still good so have now reuploaded it again for you to read too but guess this is the last time I can do that as the remaining chapters I have writen…More

Sleep + Movie day

Today I have just been sleeping and watching the Hungers Games series all day after cleaning and shopping so guess I might review that next week.More

Chapters updated

Today I have added all the chapter ideas until number 15 as it was those I had notes on. I was sick today so lost a day with my freind instead but hope to be better tomorrow.More