The idea is growing

Hello anyone

I have not a part for you today’s I am sorry if you was expecting that. Instead I have thought hard about my story and I love it but I am not making it a ‘real’ book anymore. I am thinking that I will write the story as daily parts instead and every time I feel I am done a chapter I will check that for mistakes and such while I also get a cover for it. Then I will do that until the story is done and don’t worry even I am only having 15 chapters at the moment my mind is already full of new things so don’t worry I will be ready when I get to the end. The only issues I have is if I want to spoil the chapters before I add them or not. And I still need to get the story updated before I can continue it.

P.s if you are reading this David then I still need your front covers as I want to show it as if I finish the story some day I maybe make it a real book then 🙂

P.s Claire I hope you are up to the task to help me with more names than them you are already helping me with

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

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