New chapters

Hello Anyone

Today I have not written on the story but I have still thought about the future about my story and I am now ready to present some of the future story or rather the chapter names for it. I have already gotten ideas for 8 more chapters and also having ideas for things happening later on in the story but for now I only have the 8 first ones after the story I am writing now. They are ‘Heaven or earth’, ‘A new journey’, ‘Sword of heaven’, ‘Five elements’, ‘Forbidden flowers’, ‘Light in the metal’, ‘Colors of flames’ and ‘Tears of rain’. I hope the titles are peaking your interest about what might happen later on and the continued story will also be free, I do not want money for it. It also means I have no end goal anymore so will update my Trello broad later on so it makes sense once again.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.