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Today was supossed to be another day for me and holiday but decided to update my story page a bit so it looks better and is easier to figure out. I am also doing new under pages with info but some of them is not completly ready so if you see a “Not Ready Yet” since it is not ready but hopefully more will come soon. I cannot promise if this will be update more before 2. of January but at least it is a start.

Back to christmas for me, take care and have a nice christmas and new year.

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Mind dead once more

Hello Anyone

My mind is dead once more after working from home, not that I am complaining that I can do that but it makes it hard to get the air I normally get from walking around 6km to and from work. So guess I will just go on christmas holiday from here until 1. or maybe 2. of january. I will post no matter here what but do not expect it to be anything else that I wish you are wonderful Christmas. Take care so long and have a wonderful christmas and new year even the things with the virus.

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Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 6

“Who is going to stop me, I killed my own father for being a weakling after he lost to your man and my uncle is the emperor but I can assure you that he won’t be anymore soon” A yelling started to fill the air and at first it was not understandable but as it got closer it was his named which was being yelled “000010, 000010… The soldiers has returned” 000010 looked at 000003 and at his siblings before he continued his speech “Just in time, now I can finished off the family that tried to ruin mine long ago, but also learned that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and for that I am very grateful and even I am the one doing the talking I am sure my siblings feel the same way” the leader and the two remaining soldiers appeared. “We are back, my lord” the leader said and the eyes of 000010 turned harsh as everyone could hear the fear in the voice and as he turned around he noticed it right away, 000001 was missing. “Where are the girl?” Broke 000011 in before his brother could make his tongue twist to say the words. “I can handle this, my dear brother” 000010 said with a calm voice before his voice became as stone and continued “Where are the girl?” 000010 said as his eyes focused on the leader as he took a step forward against the men. “We lost her in the forest, she got help escaping” the leader said without loosing his tongue even that it still had fear in it. A small smiled appeared on 000003 face, her daughter had survive and was getting closer to the emperor’s palace for every second but before she could say something against 000010 pain started to fill her and instead of mocking, she screamed of pain. “I am sorry, but things need to hurt before things can become good” 000010 said while holding her face up so he could look directly into her eyes and then without warning her turned around against the leader and penetrated his chest with his sword. The two soldiers took a step back in horror but before they could say anything to defend themselves of their failure, they were cut down from behind by 000011 and 000012 who had joined the blood bath. The killing scared the ones holding 000003 and she did not waste the chance to muck 000010 “One little grain of rice lost is enough to destroy a kingdom” and just as the words had left her mouth, 000010 turned around and with a bloody sword in hand, he struck and the only sound heard was the head hitting the ground a last time.

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 5

000010 took his sword and started cut some of 000003 to try make her scream but her mouth stayed closed while the tears started to hit the ground more and more. All the men and woman laughed of her and continued laughing as 000010 commanded “Throw her next to him” and without chance to block, she landed on the ground beside her death husband. But instead of scream of pain she focused for a moment and said without any fear in her voice “You will pay for this, not just pay but lose everything you own including your life” the words killed the laughing for a while before 000010 bending down against her and continued his laughter as he replied “Who is going to stop me, my brother, the phoney emperor who thinks he is a good leader just because our death father told him at his dead bed?” A yelling started to fill the air and at first it was not understandable but as it got closer it was his named which was being yelled “000010, 000010… The soldiers has returned”

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 4

In the meantime back at the place they had left were the soldiers cleaned up the mess they had made in the forest and started walked back to Shinobe were smoke started to take control over the town after the fires. There were still screams heard form women but otherwise the town was silence as all the birds had left. 000010, 000011 and 000012 was all walking around in the town together with a group of soldier while they watched the soldiers taking all the pleasures they could find and destroyed the remaining useless stuff. Two soldiers came walking against them with a woman between them and 000010 smiled when he noticed who it was. “So my little flower, do you want to see your husband?” He asked with a voice full of laughter and walked over to the woman who did not answering him and just looked at the ground like nothing had happened. “Are you listening, flower?” 000010 said a bit annoyed compared to the first time and started to carries the head of the woman. “My husband will kill you for this” 000003 said with a dry voice before she lifted her head and spit some blood in his face which made 000010 angry and he pulled her head upwards and pulled his sword but instead of cutting her, he turned around and killed a soldier who had been standing laughing of the events. “More morons who want to meet my sword up close?” He yelled out in the now silent assemblage but it did not last long as soon 000003 started laughing even after the two men holding her tried to make her feel pain instead. “I asked you if you wanted to see, your husband again” 000010 yelled while turning back against her and she just continued laughing and replied “Even your men, do not respect you so why do you expect me to”, she wanted to say more but a body flew thought the air and landed just so she could see the face of the man and suddenly her mouth was quiet and tears started o run down her checks instead. “Did the dragon take your tongue, miss 000003” 000010 said and joy had returned to his voice once more.