Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 3

The pain grew inside her like a lightning but still remained standing and swung the sword against the soldiers who blocked the attack but still had to let go of the horse. The horse neighed and tried to escape the men by jumping over the flames and by pure luck hit a man so he flew into another instead of having a chance to attack 000004. The leader laughed and used to chance to join the fight as he slowly walked from his position to 000001 who still was busy with the two men. “Leave her to me” he said with a voice and the soldiers took some step back before joining the other remaining soldiers. “I have never thought a girl before… maybe you can show me what I am missing” but just as he was about to strike screams filled the air and when he turned around two of the men was running around with fire in their clothes and jumped around like mad men. In between it all was 000004 ridding against 000001 and the leader and with a quick movement he managed to get 000001 on to the horse and escape the battlefield in one piece. The leader looked a bit around on the mess that had happened while he thought about how he should tell the leaders that he had lost the kid, they wanted. 00001 looked up at 00004 as they continued thought the forest as fast the horse could carry them but before she could think or saying anything a tiredness hit her and she fell asleep while holding her arms around the old man. 000004 smiled to himself of joy that they had escaped but his mind was full of fears about what to do with the girl after she had revealed her inner demons.