No review but updated book

Hello Anyone

Today I have no review as I do not know what to review but instead I have update my ideas a bit so now you can read idea even longer if you want. I have also gotten an awesome cover for my book from David Aragón which you can already find on the story page now. So even there is no review then I have added lots to the pages.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Bad sleep + Freind time = No part

Hello Anyone

I slept bad so did only managed to do the dishes before I walked to my freind as my head needed some air after my mind was crazy doing the night. At my freind I stayed longer than normal because we was watching Big Mouth, a cartoon show about the puberty and all it plessures and horror’s. It is super fun so go watch it.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 3

The pain grew inside her like a lightning but still remained standing and swung the sword against the soldiers who blocked the attack but still had to let go of the horse. The horse neighed and tried to escape the men by jumping over the flames and by pure luck hit a man so he flew into another instead of having a chance to attack 000004. The leader laughed and used to chance to join the fight as he slowly walked from his position to 000001 who still was busy with the two men. “Leave her to me” he said with a voice and the soldiers took some step back before joining the other remaining soldiers. “I have never thought a girl before… maybe you can show me what I am missing” but just as he was about to strike screams filled the air and when he turned around two of the men was running around with fire in their clothes and jumped around like mad men. In between it all was 000004 ridding against 000001 and the leader and with a quick movement he managed to get 000001 on to the horse and escape the battlefield in one piece. The leader looked a bit around on the mess that had happened while he thought about how he should tell the leaders that he had lost the kid, they wanted. 00001 looked up at 00004 as they continued thought the forest as fast the horse could carry them but before she could think or saying anything a tiredness hit her and she fell asleep while holding her arms around the old man. 000004 smiled to himself of joy that they had escaped but his mind was full of fears about what to do with the girl after she had revealed her inner demons.

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 2

The soldiers could see that the fearless and dangerous woman had turned into a harmless sheep and started to surround them from all sides. 000001 could feel the pain in her body grow inside by the thought of even trying to stand but forced herself up and looked at the men. “Here are your sword” 000004 said as he handed over the sword of heavens and as she felt a power grow inside her, which made 00004 make big and scared eyes because he feared that she would turn into a demon once more but the eyes stayed the same and her voice was still female. “Something wrong?” 000001 asked and 000004 shook his head quickly before returning focus on the three soldier nearing them as their leader yelled “Remember our masters want them alive” and the men attacked but even 000001 had never been a real fight before she swung the sword around like she was the born warrior and the fear in her eyes seemed far away until the blood of the first soldier flew thought the air. “What are you doing men? Get them, you have trained all and you are being beaten by a girl and an old foul.” The leader yell loudly while new men joined the circle as 000004 also managed to beat one. 000001 looked up in the sky and wondered what her parents would think of her killing people but suddenly remember words from her father. “Killing can be both a good thing and a bad thing… it all depends on who swings the sword and who is the target and I hope you will never need to kill anyone but know this… even I am scared when swinging the sword” and the words made her grow even more brave and she returned to the fight one more and quickly out did two men who had taken her lost focus as a chance to get close to her. The horse neighed and 00001 could see thought the flames, some men trying to get it to follow them away from the fight so she jumped across the fire to stop the attempt.

Chapter 3 – the old man – Part 1

Suddenly the edge of a shaft hit 000001 in the nick from another soldier and with a scream she fell to the ground. 000004 wanted to help her so he kicked backwards and managed to hit the leader so he lost his grip on the sword and gave him the chance to help 000001 who were shooting her head. “What happened?” 000001 said with a her normal voice and when her eyes meet 000004, her eyes had too turned normal and now they had returned to the scared ones instead of the fear some ones. The soldier behind the strike looked confused about what just had happened to the female killer but he quickly regained focused and took no chance and started to strike against 000001. Just as the sword was about to hit her, 000004 had managed to reach her sword and block the attack. “Get up” he yelled as he finished off the man so the blood hit 000001 who started screaming instead of licking it like before. “I said, get up… I will tell you everything afterward, but now we has to survive this first”