Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 2

“Relax and take a deep breath even it might hurt” 000005 said as he started to remove her cloches a bit so he could get to the wound. 000001 could feel the confusion in her head grow but a sudden pain woke her up like someone was pulling her up. “I am so sorry about the pain, but your wound need to be cleaned a bit as some of your broken clothes had gotten stock in the mix up” 000005 said while 000001 just tried to smile but the pain made her teeth almost crush everything. The rain starts to fall and the rain helps 000001 to relax a bit, and with tears started to run down her checks she finally manages to say something again “You forgot to answer my question about the fires places?” 000001 said with a broken voice and 000005 removed her hair from her face and replied “well, normally they light up when strangers appear near the gates to the town as a way to tell the emperor of guests” 000001 looked at him confused as she made note of his word ‘Normally’ as she expected it meant that someone would come and help them take care of her but as far as she could see, no one had arrived yet but maybe it was just the pain making the time run faster. “You need to get back on the horse so we can get you inside the walls alive” 000005 said before he packed her cloches back around the wound and without warning pulled her up. She wanted to scream off pain but tried to stay strong for her dead parents and soon they was on the move again as the rain got more and more heavy.

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