Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 3

“Hang in there” she could hear 000004 voice say in the rain and even that they was alone on the road, his voice became lower and lower for each time he repeated it. The flames on the walls became smaller and smaller, while the pain inside 000001 was also dying out and soon she was fast asleep again. She did not know how long she had been asleep but the horse was not moving anymore but the rain was still falling heavy on her but for some reason it did not make her more wet and she noticed that 000004 had covered her with the blanket that she had been laying on the ground beside the fire with. Then it suddenly hit her, where was 000004 but before she got scared she could hear his voice yelling loudly and a low but firm voice replied him but they was too far way for her to understand the words. She looked up from the blanket and notice that 000004 was standing about 20meters away form her, in front of a major gate and he was talking to some guard. She tried to focus on the words and block out the sound from the rain and it helped as in the next 000004 yelled clearly “I need to see the emperor at once, the kingdom is at stake” but the suddenly just ignored his request and yelling.

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