Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 4

000001 looked up against the sky and felt the rain drop hit her face while the argument between the two men carried on. Suddenly the guard had gotten enough of the yelling from 000004 and for the first time, he yelled back. “My patience with you are goners get lost old foul or I make sure you have a public execution to look forward too” and before 000001 could hear a reply from 000004 a splash was heard. 000001 returned her focus to the men and now 000004 was seating in a pool of water but her mind was already somewhere else suddenly she remembered a way for them to get in. Her family medallion that her mother had given her before sending her away. “000004” she yelled but the pain made it impossible for her to yell loudly and 000004 was still too focused on the guard even the warning about a public execution. She tried to seat up instead and with much pain she managed to get up and she quickly started searching for the medallion as she could feel that the guard was not having much patience left. Suddenly she felt it around her neck, the pain frothier injuries had cover it and she tried to yell again but her voice did not even reach her lips this time so instead she tried to get off the horse. Normally a servant would hold the horse when shows getting off a horse back home but here was no help to get so she had to do it all by herself. “Keep calm” 000001 said to herself and the horse as she turned her back away from the horse when a clicking sound appeared. At first was 000001 confused about what was going on and made the sound in the first place but just as it disappeared she noticed that her medallion had caught the harness and her attempt of getting of the horse had broken the chain and now the medallion was on the way to the ground. Without thinking she reach out for it and she almost caught it before the pain in her body grew so big that she force herself back but it was too late as the horse started to rear without warning making she lost every last control of her body. She felt the pain disappear while she flew into the air but the pain returned tenfold as she landed on the ground with a big splash. “Arrhhhhhhhhh” She scream of pain which made both the guard and 000004 focus on her but before they could do anything other than look, another horse started to rear, which made the owner fall off too even that he had been having more control than 000001 had before her episode. 000001 scream again as the man landed on top of her, but quickly silence as the pain became too much for her body and she fainted. The guard and 000004 ran over to the accident to make sure that all was good when they notice that the owner was none other the crown prince 000005. He stood up and was about to yell at 000004 and the fainted 000001 when he noticed how beautiful she was. “Get her inside and treat her injuries” he yelled as blood started to mix with the muddy water. A few guards came running and took her while 000004 calmed the horses before his eye caught something shining on the gourd and notice it was the medallion, making him understand what had happened. He picked it up and was almost hitting crown prince 000005 on the way back up. “I am sorry for the mess, my lord” 000004 said as he noticed the crown prince just watched him. “It is ok, I know who you are, 000004, please let us follow the guards to the palace then you can talk to my father like old times” 000004 smiled and nodded as he was in no mood to explain the crown prince why they was there in the middle of the street.

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