Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 5

000001 opened her eyes while her mouth wanted to scream of pain but no voice appeared and her eyes closed too fast for her mind to have any idea of what or where she was. She took deep breath and started to lead her mind against the events that had leading up to her blackout but before the first word managed to appear in her mind, she felt something heavy on her legs which grew into fear and she opened her mouth again but again no voice appeared. She focused on her breath for a while as she tried to let the mind flow again without any fear. “I am not dead, and I am laying down warm and soft, so whoever had caught me, has brought me somewhere nice” she managed to think before a snoring sounded told her that she was not alone. She tried to open her eyes slowly and this time she managed to see she was in some bedroom and that a windows told her that it was already night again. She looked around and focused on the most handsome man, she had ever seen laying with his head on her legs, making her smile as she now knew what was wrong with her legs. Suddenly she was caught by fear as she remembered that she had dropped the medallion out in the mud when she were falling of the horse, the thought made it impossible for her to breath and she felt the air leaving her body and she tried to get air into her lungs by forcing her arms on her chest. The pain in her wounds made it worse before she finally felt some metallic in her hands. “The medallion” she thought loud so it flew out of her mouth and the peaceful man who had slept on her legs started to stretch his arms.