Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 6

“You are finally awake” the young man said even that 000001 tried to hide that she was awake. She stretched her body toot the pain stopped her before she could complete it. There was silence between them for a while as they looked into each other and neither of them knew what to say. “Where…?” Managed 000001 to say before the young man broke in. “You are in the emperor’s palace and forgive my manners but I am crown prince 000005…. I was the guy who landed on you, and I am sorry for the pain I gave you” 000005 said low while 000001 smiled a bit. 000001 wanted to reply him but her belly took the words out of her mouth and 000005 started laughing before quickly yelled loudly “Servants, bring food now” and before 000001 could say thanks or anything else 3 servants entered the room and started to serve food. 000001 could not believed all the food and started eating quickly as she was hunger after the trip there, she had not been eating since the evening 2 days ago. 000005 smiled and joined her eating while sending out the servants out again so they was alone again. “So what brings you here? 000004 has not spoke a word to me and just left the room with my father after you was place here” 000005 asked while trying to sound friendly and curious on the same time. 000001 smiled before taking another a big bite of the turkey leg she had gotten her hands in. She swallowed the food quickly and slowly started to the story about that she woke up expecting to meet her father after his months training with the men from Shinobe. But instead the town had been attacked by strangers and her mother had sent her away on the family horse, with only a sword and the family medallion. She stopped to eat some more before she showed the medallion before continuing the story. She had gotten to the forest but the bad weather had hidden a low hanging branch which she had hit with such force that it had killed the horse and leaved her very injuries but luckily she had reached 000004 who saved her from the soldiers following her. Later they traveled here she explained as she did not want to tell the crown prince about she had killed soldiers because she feared it would maybe scare him. Then they meet each other on top each other as 000001 had heard 000005 arguing with the guards and she had wanted to give him the family medallion. 000005 took a grip in it and enjoyed the sight of it for a while before letting go again. “I am sorry for your loses but It is a nice medallion you have” 000005 with sorrow in his voice. The plates had turned empty doing the story and it was time for bed again. “Good night, my lady” 000005 said before continuing “Just yell if you need me or a servant as I am sleeping in the room next door” 0000001 smiled and replied “Good night, my lord” and 000005 left the room. 000001 could feel the thoughts of her parents arrive in her mind once more but compared to before there was now a small light there too, the thoughts about crown prince 000005 and the thought of him made she fall asleep fast.

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