Hardware review of Nimbus+

A Nimbus+ from steelseries

Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Nimbus+
Creator: Steelseries
Platforms: iOS, MacOS, TvOS
Price: 69.99usd

First time in a long time that I am reviewing some hardware, but I really felt the need to do it when I got it. Lets us get the bad things away first, it has some bug that make you connect to your mac and such before the nimbus+ will freeze but a quick connect to the engine will fix and update it so it just works. So that was the only bad thing except for some of you who might want it on andriod and windows too but you can get your own version. I like that it works with all my Apple device with out me doing much other than connect to bluetooth and it have a not tested it yet but heard it should be working with Apple Arcade and I love that it has so long batteri life of 50 hours plus that it just charges with a lightning cable which in thise days a small issuse as it does not included it. It is laying good in my hands when I use it and already love it so is on my way to get Apple Arcade now.

Famous last words: Steelseries as Apple controller

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